The Annual UNCG Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference

The 13th Annual UNCG RMSC, Friday and Saturday, November 3-4, 2017

Student Presentations

The full conference program with all abstracts is available as a PDF file.

Undergraduate Student Talks

  1. Caitlin Bernabe, A reevaluation of a comparison of different methodologies in the modeling of early stage tumor growth.
  2. John Brotemarkle, Examining drug resistant vs. sensitive tumor cell populations with immunotherapy and chemotherapy.
  3. Jacie Cooper, Regression analysis of significant variables in women's lacrosse.
  4. Morgan Ferguson, Face recognition on the MORPH-II database.
  5. Nicole Gammons and Piro Meleby, Control theory and management of Tennessee watersheds.
  6. Adam Gregory, Pattern avoidance and statistics of quasi-Stirling permutations.
  7. Luke Guatelli, Cycle transformations and CDR—a unifying concept.
  8. Nicholas Hadgis, Classifying Eisenstein polynomials of degree 2p.
  9. Joseph Johnson, Coloring maps with empires.
  10. Katherine Kempfert, Nonlinear dimension reduction with kernel functions for computer vision tasks.
  11. Dylan King, Families of self-similar symmetric Laplacians on the interval and Sierpinski gasket.
  12. Peter Komlofske, Cyclic polynomials of degree p2 and p.
  13. Anthony Krueger and Blair Peters, Tennesee waterways, Lotka–Volterra and optimal control.
  14. Aaleah Lancaster and Carmen Acosta, Optimal vaccination strategies for combating S. typhi transmission in South Asia.
  15. Olivia Lennox-Sanzone, Modeling throws in ultimate frisbee.
  16. Jonathan Machado, Optimal vaccination strategies to reduce endemic levels of meningitis in Africa.
  17. Joseph Mathews, Doubly-inflated negative binomial model using Gaussian copula.
  18. Sydney McCall and Colin Frazier, Immunotherapy as a treatment for cervical cancer.
  19. Kira Owsley, On the existence of primitive cycle decompositions.
  20. Kiersten Potter, Explicit origami construction of regular polygons.
  21. Nicholis Priester, Chop: in it to win it.
  22. Yusuf Qaddura, Analysis of the spread of vector borne diseases with delay differential equations.
  23. Steven Rollins, Optimizing refuse collection routes.
  24. Sara Rubio Correa, Social interactions of Apis mellifera and IAPV transmission.
  25. Kiley Shannon, Symmetries of degree 8 polynomials.
  26. Robert Sketch, Spatio-temporal modeling of animal behavior in the Serengeti National Park.
  27. Jessica Stevens, A mathematical model for tumor growth and treatment using virotherapy.
  28. Bailey Stillman, Can cellular automata improve data security?
  29. Rachel Towner, Image preprocessing and complete 2DPCA with feature extraction for gender recognition.

Undergraduate Student Posters

  1. Alisha Beaudoin and Evan Shelby, Mathematical analysis of European starling population control and economic impacts in North Carolina.
  2. Jonathan Fabish, Kernel-based dimensionality reduction methods on simulated datasets.
  3. Olivia Greathouse, Networking the flow of water.
  4. Natalie Kratts, Knowledge is power: utilizing databases and voting for scientific discovery.
  5. Hope LaRosa, Distribution of zeros in various polynomials.
  6. Hannah Mitchum, Using graph theory to model water flow.
  7. Catherine Nansalo, Feature extraction and dimension reduction methods for race classification using Morph II.
  8. Kevin Park, Do I know you? Optimizing the face recognition system.
  9. Wesley Rogers, The geometry of Boolean functions on five variables.
  10. Aparajita Sur, Predicting social dynamics of yeast biofilms with a stochastic spatial simulation.
  11. Janae Williams, Counting p-power extensions of the p-adic numbers.
  12. Benjamin Yip, Utilizing posterior probability for race-composite age estimation.

Graduate Student Talks

  1. Travis Alvarez, Spherical geometry and growth in thin elastic sheets.
  2. Christine Craib, The influence of the Allee effect on a vector-borne disease model.
  3. C. Matthew Farmer, The non-crossing bond poset.
  4. William Fries, Characterizing the spectral radius of a sequence of adjacency matrices.
  5. Ivanti Galloway, Effects of anti-vaccination on the spread of infectious diseases.
  6. Nikunj Goel, The role of space in maintaining tropical savanna and its alternative biome state forest.
  7. Austin Lawson, Weighted persistence and crazy eights.
  8. Qing Liu, On anisotropic functional Fourier deconvolution problem with unknown kernel.
  9. Kevin McDaniel, Optimizing ambulance distribution in Wayne County, West Virginia.
  10. Courtney NeSmith, Hilbert's hotel and related problems.
  11. Adam O'Neal, On sets of cardinality 2 of nondecreasing diameter.
  12. David Perez-Suarez, Variations of the Greenberg unrelated question binary model.
  13. Neil Pritchard, An obstruction for graphs to have property A.
  14. Trinity White, Modeling mathematics in art.
  15. Jessica Zanetell, Most probable tipping times for a noisy, periodically forced Filppov system.

Graduate Student Posters

  1. Tyler Burger, Affine symmetric group orbits.
  2. Christina Stradwick, Disease modeling on networks.