SERMON Department of Mathematics and Statistics UNC Greensboro Greensboro

South East Regional Meeting On Numbers -- SERMON 2009

Conference Program

All talks will take place in Room 150 in the Petty Building (29 on the campus map). The room is equipped with whiteboards, a computer, a beamer, and a document camera, as well as computer hookup.

Friday, April 17, 2009

17:00-20:00Gathering in the Old Town Draught House at 1205 Spring Garden Street (between buildings 80 and 252 on the campus map)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

10:00Paul Gunnells: Multiple Dirichlet Series
11:30 Jim Brown: Level lowering for half-integral weight modular forms
12:00 Ethan Smith: The Lang-Trotter Conjecture ``on average"
12:30 John Webb: Partition Values and Modular L-Functions
14:30 Max Alekseyev: On the number of two-dimensional threshold functions
15:00 Andrew Sills: On the Rogers-Selberg Identities and Gordon's Theorem
15:30 Carlos Nicolas: k-Triangulations and k-Splitters
16:30 Cliff Smyth: Paths in Line Arrangements
17:00 Gary Walsh: A new approach to an old Diophantine problem

Sunday, April 19, 2009

  9:00David Ford: Complexity of Ideal Factorization in an Algebraic Number Field
10:30Qingquan Wu: The different exponent of Artin-Schreier extension towers
11:00 James Carter: On the restricted Hilbert-Speiser and Leopoldt properties
12:00Michael Mossinghoff: The distance to an irreducible polynomial
12:30Joshua Cooper: The Discrepancy of the Lexicographically Least de Bruijn Cycle
13:00Igor Erovenko: Bounded generation and second bounded cohomology of wreath products

 Founder: Theresa Vaughan     Organizers: Sebastian Pauli Filip Saidak Brett Tangedal Dan Yasaki