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Palmetto Number Theory Series -- PANTS XIII

Preliminary Program

All talks will take place in Room 150 in the Petty Building (29 on the campus map). The room is equipped with whiteboards, a computer, a beamer, and a document camera, as well as computer hookup.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

13:00Farshid Hajir: Analogies between codes, curves, graphs, number fields and 3-manifolds
14:30Jaroslav Hancl: Some results concerning the factorial series
15:00Robert Lemke Oliver: Almost-primes represented by irreducible polynomials
15:30Filip Saidak: Monotonicity of Riemann zeta and other prime-related functions
16:30Yu Zhao: Elliptic curves over totally real fields with everywhere good reduction
17:30Ruth Stoehr: Benford's Law for coefficients of modular forms and partition functions
18:00Jeremy Rouse: t-core partitions and Stanton's conjecture.
18:30Dan Yasaki: Computing Stark units using Shintani domains

Sunday, September 26, 2010

  9:00Harold Stark: Some Density Questions in Number Theory
10:30Paul Young: On p-adic multiple zeta and log gamma functions
11:00Brett Tangedal: Computing Stark units p-adically via a formula of Gross
11:30Barry Smith: The Brumer-Stark Conjecture for Some Cyclic Extensions
12:30Zachary Kent: p-adic lifting of roots of Eisenstein series
13:00Michael Mossinghoff: The distance to an irreducible polynomial
13:30Marie Jameson: The Alder-Andrews Conjecture

 Organizers: Sebastian Pauli Filip Saidak Brett Tangedal Dan Yasaki