Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Incoming Assistant Professors of Fall 2017

Yu-Min Chung

Yu-Min Chung received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Indiana University Bloomington in 2013 specializing in computational mathematics. His main research focuses are computational topology and applications to data analysis, called Topological Data Analysis. He has been collaborating with researchers from different scientific disciplines, including those from Dartmouth College to investigate ice at the Arctic, and those from Harvard Medical School to study human red blood cells. Chung's other research interest is computational dynamical systems. He and his group developed one of the first algorithms to compute inertial manifolds, an object from dynamical systems. Prior to UNCG, Chung taught previously at the College of William & Mary, University of Kansas, and Indiana University. Chung has also advised undergraduate honor research students, and REU students, and his students have presented their research work in local and national conferences.

Yi Zhang

Yi Zhang received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the Louisiana State University, his M.S. in Applied Mathematics as well as his B.S. in Mathematics from Wuhan University, China. Prior to joining the faculty at UNCG, he was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the University of Notre Dame. He has taught a variety of mathematics courses, including several advanced computational/numerical mathematics courses. His research interests include numerical solutions of deterministic and stochastic partial differential equations, finite element methods, variational inequalities, PDE-constrained optimization and numerical optimization.