Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Statistics Program at UNCG

Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UNCG offers an undergraduate concentration in statistics within a B.S. degree in mathematics, and a statistics track within the M.A. degree in Mathematics. The Department also offers a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Statistics and a Doctoral Minor in Statistics.

There is a wide variety of job opportunities available to students who specialize in statistics at the undergraduate or graduate level. Some of the options for statistics graduates are to work as an actuary with insurance companies; as a data analyst with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies or health care companies; as a quality assurance specialist with engineering companies; or to work for government agencies such as FDA, EPA or USDA where their main responsibility is to check compliance for quality specifications. After completing their master's degree, students may also choose to pursue a Ph. D. degree in statistics and then go into teaching or research.