Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Accelerated 4+1 B.S. in Mathematics (Statistics Concentration) and M.A. in Mathematics (Applied Statistics Concentration)

Students enrolled in this program can earn both the undergraduate BS degree in mathematics with concentration in statistics and the MA degree in mathematics with concentration in applied statistics in approximately five years with careful planning of courses. Students must complete all required courses for both degrees. Ideally, these students should have earned some college credits through AP work during high school.

Students interested in this option must apply and be accepted during their junior year, and must have completed STA 290/291/551 and all of the MAT and CSC requirements for the undergraduate degree (except MAT 490) with a cumulative average of 3.0 or better. They should take STA 551/552 during their junior year and should take at least two other 500-level STA or other permissible graduate course during their senior year. These students will normally be taking 6 graduate courses during the 5th year and will also be working on their project/thesis.

To earn the MA degree in mathematics with concentration in applied statistics, students in the accelerated program must earn at least 30 credits of 500-level or higher course work beyond those satisfying requirements for the undergraduate degree. Specific requirements are as follows:

  1. Must have completed STA 551/ 552 as part of the undergraduate degree.
  2. Must complete STA 581, STA 661, STA 662, STA 668, STA 690, STA 698 or STA 699, and at least two courses from STA 670, 671, 673, 674, 675, 676, 677 and 711.
  3. Must take additional credits, if needed, from STA courses at 500-level or above (except STA 571), or from approved graduate courses from other programs. The number of non-STA credits to be used toward the degree is limited to six.