Department of Mathematics and Statistics

M.A. in Mathematics with Concentration in Applied Statistics

Total credit hours required upon completion: 33

Undergraduate Prerequisites: Baccalaureate degree and the following prerequisite courses or their equivalents: STA 290, 291; MAT 191, 292; CSC 130 or 230 or 231

  1. Foundation Courses (7 hours): STA 551, 552 and 581. Students who may have already completed these courses as part of another degree prior to be being accepted in the master's program will have to choose replacement courses.
  2. Core Courses (11-14 hours): STA 661, 662, 668, 690 and either STA 698 (3 hours) or STA 699 (6 hours).
  3. Students can earn the remaining credits required for the degree either by taking any STA courses at 500-level or above (except STA 571), or by taking any approved non-STA graduate courses. Any course not on the following list must be approved by the student's committee. No more than six hours of non-STA credits can be used towards the degree.

    Pre-approved non-STA courses are:
    CSC 523/ 524 (Numerical Analysis and Computing)
    CSC 526 (Bioinformatics)
    ECO 553 (Economic Forecasting)
    ECO 722 (Time Series and Forecasting)
    ECO 723 (Predictive Data Mining)
    ERM 669 (Item response Theory)
    ERM 728 (Factor Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling)
    ERM 729 (Advanced Item Response Theory)
    ERM 731 (Structural Equation Modeling in Education)
    HEA 602 (Epidemiology)
    MAT 531 (Combinatorial Analysis)
    MAT 541/ 542 (Stochastic processes)