UNC-Greensboro is an urban campus.  Parking on or near campus when classes are in session is difficult and regulated both by the university and by the city of Greensboro.  For this reason, the conference will supply a shuttle bus between the Park Lane Hotel and Elliott University Center, the site of the conference.

Visitors may try to park in the Walker Avenue Parking Deck.  This deck is conveniently located directly across Sterling Street from the Elliott University Center. The parking fee is $1/hour with a maximum of $5 per visit. Nearly all of the deck is reserved for those paying a semester fee, and therefore the deck is sometimes full and closed to visitors.  Anyone driving to the conference each day (not staying in a hotel) should check to see if they can get into this deck (when the deck is full, signs will indicate, and sometimes an employee will be stationed at each entrance to deflect visitors).

It may be possible to obtain a day-parking voucher for $3/day (for one visit). Vouchers are not sold to the public, however, the department may be able to purchase a small number of day-long parking vouchers for the Walker Avenue Parking Deck.  The vouchers are valid only at the Walker Avenue Parking Deck.  Anyone interested in the voucher should contact one of the organizers.

For more information about the parking deck (e.g., how to exit), see http://parking.uncg.edu/Visitor.html