There are four  special session of the conference planned at this time. All talks in the  special sessions are twenty minuets and require an abstract.  Contributed talks are invited for each special session. Anyone wishing more  information should contact one of the organizers of the special sessions or the local organizers.

Special Sessions and Organizers:

Continuum Theory: This Special Session is dedicated to Charles Hagopian, on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday.

Wayne Lewis,
Sergio Macias,
Sam Nadler,

Dynamical Systems:

James Keesling,
Judy Kennedy,
Lex Oversteegen,

General/Set Theoretic Topology:

Gary Gruenhage,
K.P. Hart,
Scott Williams,

Geometric Topology/Geometric Group Theory:

Tadeusz Januszkiewicz,
Tadeusz Dobrowolski,
Jerzy Dydak,