Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Student Clubs and Organizations

  • Alpha student chapter of NCCTM

    NCCTM student affiliate groups are student-led organizations at NC colleges and universities and are designed to support those who are interested in or planning to become mathematics educators.
    Faculty advisor: Dohyoung Ryang

  • Association for Women in Mathematics Student Chapter

    The AWM encourages women toward mathematical careers and promotes equal treatment of women and other underrepresented minorities in mathematical sciences.
    Faculty Advisor: Talia FernĂ³s

  • Math Club

    The goal of the club is to carve out some time and space for math enthusiasts to come together and enjoy all things math related.
    Faculty Advisor: Dan Yasaki

  • Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

    The MAA is a national organization for mathematics, with special emphasis on the role of undergraduate teachers and students in the discipline. The Department sponsors a student chapter.
    Faculty Advisor: Greg Bell

  • Pi Mu Epsilon

    Pi Mu Epsilon is the national honor society for outstanding students of mathematics.
    Faculty Advisor: Richard Fabiano