Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics Placement Test Information

There is no prerequisite for MAT 112, 115, and 150, hence no student is required to take the Mathematics Placement Test. Science or Business majors with very strong background in precalculus or calculus should consult (at least two months prior to the beginning of a semester via the e-mail address: ) with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in order to discuss the possibility of taking the Mathematics Placement Test.

Students who have departmental approval for taking the Mathematics Placement Test need to follow these instructions (PDF).

The Mathematics Placement Test is an hour long test administered on-line (at any time and at any location). Eligibility of being placed in a more advanced course depends on the performance and is determined according to the following chart:

Minimum Score Course Eligibility
60% MAT 151 Precalculus II
70% MAT 120 Calculus for Business and the Social Sciences
80% MAT 191 Calculus I

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