Office of Academic Outreach


The Office of Academic Outreach (OAO) articulates with the mission of the School of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) at UNCG in three broad ways: (1) to create and maintain an interdisciplinary operating unit to develop model academic outreach programs and distance learning courses that serve the needs of students and professionals in North Carolina, the United States, and worldwide; (2) conduct innovative research on the impact and quality of academic outreach programs and distance learning courses; and (3) obtain funding from external sources to support research and service projects related to distance learning.

The OAO works within HHS/UNCG in order to develop new academic outreach and distance education modalities and to strengthen existing distance education programs through innovative research and collaborations among units.

A key purpose of OAO is to advance the academic outreach and distance learning practices in HHS/UNCG and throughout the world. The OAO focuses on promoting HHS/UNCG as a national leader in academic outreach, distance learning, and technology-mediated instruction through leading innovative research and the development of signature programs using best practice entrepreneurial and marketing management models.

OAO's goals include but are not limited to:

  • Testing new entrepreneurial cost models to grow the academic outreach and distance learning enterprise.
  • Designing effective and cost-effective programs using entrepreneurial and marketing applications to niche populations of interest.
  • Seeking external funds to support academic outreach and distance learning applications.
  • Conducting related research and evaluation studies for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Using Diffusion of Innovation models to transform findings of OAO outcomes to UNCG and professional constituents across the country.