Office of Academic Outreach

Online Degree Program: Computer Accounts for Online Students

Before you can participate in your online classes, you need to set up a few computer accounts.

Your UNCG Computer Accounts

  • iSpartan is your student email account ( ). Official messages from your professors and university offices will be sent to you at this address, so it is important that you check this account regularly. We suggest you keep this student account separate from your personal email account, but you are free to use it for anything that falls within the Acceptable Use policy.
  • UNCGenie is your connection to all your registration data. You will use this account to access your degree evaluation, to register for classes, to view and pay your bill, to check your final grades, to update your address, telephone, and email, and to apply for graduation.
  • Blackboard (Bb) is the Course Management System used for all HEA online courses. Online courses will appear in your "My Courses" list on or before the first day of class. Through Blackboard, you can access all your class materials — syllabi, calendars, supplementary readings, lessons and lectures.

Activating and Testing Your Accounts

Activate Your UNCG Computer Accounts
  • Go to
  • Follow the New Account Request link.
  • Follow the Activate Your Default Accounts link.
  • Fill in all required information and follow the instructions on the form.
  • Print the "Computer Accounts Activation Status" form and keep it in your records.
Reset Your Default Passwords
  • Go to
  • Identify yourself and reset all passwords.
  • Choose a password you can remember, using a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Your password will expire and you will be required to update it occasionally. Establish a pattern you can remember.
Log on to iSpartan email
  • Go to
  • Log on with your username and password .
  • Make sure you can get into iSpartan. Email yourself at your personal email address and make sure everything works.
  • Check this account regularly. All official UNCG notifications go to this email address by default.
Log on to UNCGenie