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Online Degree Program: Tuition Structure for Distance Students

Know Your Tuition Status & Enroll in the Proper Section

Online students

Online students (in-state and out-of-state) can pay distance-learning rates for all online classes, and avoid main-campus athletics and activities fees.

To take advantage of those tuition rates, you must enroll in the D-campus sections of your classes

If you are enrolled in the wrong sections of your courses , you may be over billed for tuition and charged inappropriate athletics and campus activities fees. You may also be erroneously subject to the new health insurance requirement , which does not include distance-learning students.

To be enrolled in the proper section of general education courses:

  • First enroll in the section that is open - your bill will not be correct at this point! .
  • Then, complete the "Distance Learning Registration Request Form" that can be accessed through your Blackboard account.

Financial Aid & VA Benefits

The Department of Public Health Education is not qualified to discuss your financial aid or veterans' benefits.

Financial Aid

Students wishing to receive federal student aid should file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and then follow up with the UNCG Financial Aid Office . Students attending more than one institution in the same semester should apply through the parent institution (the one where you intend to receive your degree), and must inform financial-aid counselors of all enrollments.

Online students are eligible for federal student aid (primarily loans) based on actual cost of attendance:

  • tuition and fees,
  • books and supplies,
  • and an optional one-time adjustment toward the purchase of a computer.

As distance learning students at UNCG, online students are not eligible for federal aid to cover:

  • living expenses,
  • travel,
  • or transportation.

Thus, financial aid awards for online students are significantly lower than those for traditional on-campus or commuter students. If you have received a financial aid disbursement and declare your major as BS Health Studies Online during the same semester, you will immediately be required return up to 80% of your disbursement If you fail to do so, the Financial Aid Office can deny you further aid and block your ability to register for classes or graduate from the university.

Veterans' Benefits

Veterans' enrollment certification is handled in the University Registrar's Office. Contact the Veterans' Services Coordinator.

See Veteran's Certification.

Tuition Payment Plans

  • For students who early register the TuitionPay payment plan is available.

Please visit the Financial Services Payment Plan website.