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Program Overview: Online B.S. Degree

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Online Degree Completion Option in Health Studies

Who: Students who hold a prior degree and wish to complete an online B.S. degree in Health Studies from the The Department of Public Health Education at UNCG.

Please be sure to review the admission requirements. All general education courses must be completed with a C or higher in order for you to be eligible for the program. Potential students must also have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Admission occurs in Fall only and is limited to 35 new students per year. Admission is competitive.

What: The Department of Public Health Education in the School of Health and Human Sciences will offer an online bachelors degree completion program option in Health Studies. The program is designed for location and time bound students who are interested in completing a B.S. degree at a distance.

When: Students should seek admission to UNCG in the fall only. Applications are not accepted for Spring semesters.

There are 12 required health courses (availability in parentheses):

  • HEA 201 Personal Health (Fall)
  • HEA 207 International Health (Spring)
  • HEA 260 Human Sexuality (Fall)
  • HEA 308 Introduction to Public Health (Fall)
  • HEA 310 Emotional Health (Spring and Summer only)
  • HEA 314 Disease Processes (Spring)
  • HEA 315 Epidemiology (Fall only)
  • HEA 316 Environmental Health (Spring only)
  • HEA 325 Public Health Data Analysis (Fall)
  • HEA 331 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (Spring and Summer)
  • HEA 412 Community Health Organizations (Fall)
  • HEA 490 Seminar (Spring)

and 4 required health electives (electives rotate each semester):

  • HEA 313 Medical Terminology for the Public Health Professional
  • HEA 333 Health of Women
  • HEA 420 The School Health Program
  • HEA 450 Special Topics
  • HEA 470 Adolescent Health
  • HEA 475 Independent Study

*Students will be able to complete other elective courses and core course requirements by enrolling in approved online courses from UNCG or other approved institutions of higher education.

Why: The bachelors level online Health Studies option will allow time and location bound students to complete an undergraduate degree without relocating to the UNCG campus. This high quality degree will use state-of-the-art instructional technology applications to be accessed by students with internet connectivity. All courses needed in the major for degree completion will be offered online.

How: If you are interested in learning more about this program, please complete this form. To apply for admission to UNCG, contact