Department of Public Health Education

CHE Internships

Internships Definitions

Faculty Coordinator: The faculty member in the Department of Public Health Education who is responsible for coordinating and managing the internship experience. This is typically the course instructor for HEA 428: Community Health Education Internship.

Intern: A student from the Department of Public Health Education who has completed all the required departmental courses and is undergoing supervised fieldwork training in community health education.

Internship: An experience designed to provide a student with opportunities to:

  1. become more knowledgeable regarding public health and health education issues;
  2. observe a professional health educator or health education practice;
  3. function as a pre-service health educator; and
  4. make a valuable contribution to the internship site through the completion of a major health education project or task.

Internship Site: The agency, organization, community group, coalition, institution or university setting that is sponsoring the studentís internship experience. The agency has been approved by the University as an appropriate site for providing fieldwork experiences to undergraduate community health education majors.

Preceptor: The staff person who will supervise the student at the internship placement site. This person is typically the health educator (or person assigned) in the organization who is responsible for the day-to-day management of student interns. Preceptors should be academically prepare