Department of Public Health Education

CHE Internships

Overview of the Intern's Responsibilities

Role of a Health Education Intern

A successful internship involves the concerted efforts of the student intern, preceptor and faculty coordinator. There are general expectations of interns that require careful planning and consideration prior to accepting an internship position. Following the general guidelines below will contribute to the success of the internship experience.

Internship Hours: Undergraduate interns must (1) complete a minimum of 400 hours of organization contact at the latest of one week before the end of the spring semester, (2) attend all seminar meetings, and (3) complete all assignments. A student placed in internship sites beyond a 60-mile range from campus and who are not able to attend weekly seminar meetings will be required to complete additional internship hours and assignments (to be determined on an individual basis).

Learning Goals & Work Plan: Interns will develop a set of learning goals in conjunction with his/her preceptor according to his/her own needs and resources and that of the organization. A final draft must be submitted in writing to the faculty coordinator within the first two weeks of the internship.

Intern's Schedule: The intern should prioritize her/his personal schedule to meet the scheduling needs of the organization. If the intern has personal commitments that may conflict with the organization's schedule and needs, the student should discuss these conflicts as soon as possible. The intern should understand that he/she may have to change his/her personal commitments if the organization needs (1) more than part-time, weekly attendance, (2) a commitment for more than 15 weeks, or (3) more than 400 internship hours. These special conditions should be discussed prior to agreeing to the internship placement. The intern is required to contact the preceptor and faculty coordinator if the student is absent from scheduled internship hours. The intern is required to make up time missed due to illness, inclement weather, and/or religious holidays that are not honored by the organization.

Policies: The student is expected to honor the organization's policies, schedules and procedures and must behave in a professional manner at all times. If required, a student must carry his/her own professional liability insurance during the internship. Some agencies cover student interns under organization policies or make available insurance for a minimal charge. The student should check with the organization for clarification regarding liability issues (e.g., transporting clients).

Communication: The student should communicate with the faculty coordinator concerning any problems that may arise during the internship. Adjustments cannot be made unless both the faculty coordinator and preceptor are aware that changes need to be made.