Department of Public Health Education

CHE Internships

Overview of Preceptor & Internship Site Responsibilities

The internship site and assigned preceptor has the following responsibilities to the student and University:

  1. Provide a reasonable work area and support to enable the intern to accomplish planned activities and assigned projects.
  2. Orient the student to the organization, staff and community. Acquaint the student with the organization's mission, structure, polices, procedures and services.
  3. Complete the Instructional Agreement form within two weeks of the student beginning the Internship experience and mail to the faculty coordinator.
  4. The preceptor and student should discuss and arrange an internship schedule that meets the needs of the organization. The organization should notify the student of any special scheduling needs prior to the start of the internship so that the student can make arrangements. Some special scheduling needs may include needing a student to work (1) more than part-time, weekly attendance, (2) more than 15 weeks, or (3) more than 400 internship hours.
  5. Meet with and assist the student in developing a set of learning goals in accordance with the student's needs and resources, and those of the organization. This must be submitted to the faculty coordinator within the first two weeks of the internship.
  6. Provide adequate supervision and access to necessary information and resources required to enable the intern to plan and carry out assigned activities.
  7. Meet with the intern at least weekly to (1) answer questions the intern might have, (2) deal with problems, (3) revise work schedule, if necessary, and (4) provide verbal feedback on the intern's performance and development.
  8. Notify the faculty coordinator immediately concerning any problems with the intern's performance.
  9. Provide written confirmation of intern's completion of hours on the Internship Daily Time Log at least weekly.
  10. Allow the student release from the internship to attend seminar meetings at the University and for the Senior Exhibit Day, if necessary.
  11. Meet with the faculty coordinator during a site visit and confer by telephone or e-mail periodically during the internship.
  12. Complete the midterm evaluation of the intern, providing feedback to the intern on the content of the evaluation and the assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Assure that the intern develops activities to strengthen weak areas.
  13. Complete final evaluation of the intern with a recommendation of an academic letter grade.
  14. Before completion of the internship, inform the intern whether the preceptor is able and willing to act as a professional reference