Department of Public Health Education


The MPH program requires 45 semester hours of specified, sequential courses including an internship. Admitted students begin the program in the fall semester. All required courses are offered in the evenings and meet once each week. Required meetings and departmental symposium may occur during the day – these schedules will be available at the beginning of the semester to allow for planning with work obligations. Full-time students take four courses each semester over two years. Part-time students enroll for three years, including two summers, and take two courses each semester.

The MPH program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) and the curriculum includes the development of professional competencies recommended by the Joint Commission of the Society of Public Health Education and the American Association for Health Education.

The curriculum emphasizes the application of health education skills and knowledge with a variety of community populations, as well as the practical application of research findings to health problems and includes preparation in the core areas of public health. Throughout the curriculum, special attention is given to community engagement. During their coursework, students will develop an e-Portfolio that can be used to market themselves to future employees.

MPH Course Sequence for Full-Time Students

Year 1 - Fall
  • Principles of Community Health Education (HEA 601)
  • Community Health Analysis (HEA 603)
  • Public Health Statistics (HEA 604)
  • Environmental Health (HEA 608)
Year 1 - Spring
  • Epidemiology (HEA 602)
  • Community Health Interventions (HEA 609)
  • Management of Community Health Organizations (HEA 612)
  • Health Policy (HEA 645)
Year 2 - Fall
  • Community Health Research and Evaluation (HEA 625)
  • Applied Program Planning (HEA 648)
  • Two Electives
Year 2 - Spring
  • Internship/Practicum (HEA 650)
  • One Elective

MPH Course Sequence for Part-Time Students

  • Year 1 - Fall: HEA 601 & HEA 604
  • Year 1 - Spring: HEA 602 & HEA 645
  • Year 1 - Summer: One Elective
  • Year 2 - Fall: HEA 603 & HEA 608
  • Year 2 - Spring: HEA 609 & HEA 612
  • Year 2 - Summer: Two Electives
  • Year 3 - Fall: HEA 625 & HEA 648
  • Year 3 - Spring: HEA 650