Department of Public Health Education

Current Doctoral Students

Aleksandra Babic Aleksandra Babic, MPH
Aleks's work is rooted in passion for community-based experience and organizing. She is greatly invested in translational research and experiential learning in the communities to which she is accountable. Aleks's research is focused in serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities, where she is currently exploring under-researched/advocated issues pertaining to sexual health of this population.
Margaret Brown
Margaret Brown
Sheryl ColeySheryl L.Coley, MPH
Sheryl's main interest areas are women's health and adolescent health, and she is interested in reducing health disparities in relation these two interest areas. Sheryl wants to research and implement ways to strengthen support and health services within low SES communities through the utilization of community resources. Curriculum Vitae
Dee DingmanDeirdre Dingman, MPH, CTTS, CHES, PAPHS
I am interested in studying the effects of public health law. My focus is on laws meant to improve the diet quality of populations by limiting access and exposure to, or the desirability of, high calorie, but nutrient poor foods and beverages. Curriculum Vitae
Elise EifertElise K. Eifert, MS, CHES
Elise is interested in healthy aging particularly issues related to caregiving, elder abuse, and Alzheimer's disease. Her primary focus is on creating educational programs for caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease as well as prevention and reduction of the incidence of elder abuse. Curriculum Vitae
Meredith Gringle Meredith R.Gringle, MPH
Meredith's general areas of interest include pregnancy/childbirth, families, and gender dynamics. She is currently exploring issues of erasure. Curriculum Vitae
Meredith Gringle Adam Hege, MPA, MS, CSCS, PAPHS
At this point, my primary research interests pertain to physical activity promotion, obesity prevention, and worksite health promotion. Specifically, I am interested in how workplaces can create a culture and environment which inspires employees to be physically active. I am also interested in how environmental surroundings impact one's access to physical activity. My primary objective is to utilize the socio ecological framework to better understand why physical inactivity persists and how it contributes to the current obesity epidemic.
Amber JohnsonAmber Johnson, MPH
My current research interests are in CVD disparities among racial/ethnic minorities, specifically African American women. I am particularly interested in African American women's physiological responses to stress and how it relates to disparities in CVD incidence. I am also interested in Community-Based Participatory Research within low-income minority communities and establishing effective partnerships with community members. Curriculum Vitae

Allyson KelleyAllyson Kelley, MPH, CHES
Allyson's current research interests include health disparities among American Indian and Alaska Native populations with an emphasis on the relationship between mental health and chronic disease. Allyson is also interested in research ethics and the role of community members and tribal institutional review boards in the research.
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Kelly MassengaleKelley Massengale, MPH
Kelley is interested in HIV/AIDS, particularly sexual networks, acute HIV infection, and HIV testing behaviors.
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Leigh-Anne RoysterLeigh-Anne Royster, MPA
Leigh-Anne's main research interests include violence against women and intersections with women's health, LGBTIQ community health, and sexual/reproductive health in the black community. She hopes to focus on training needs of public health practitioners with respect to addressing intimate partner violence and the social constructions of sexual and gender identity with respect to population health outcomes.
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Holly SienkiewiczHolly C. Sienkiewicz, MA
Holly is interested in the pyschosocial well-being of recently resettled refugees. Her main interests pertain to secondary migration patterns of refugees and subsequent health outcomes. Holly is also interested in community engaged scholarship and qualitative research methodologies. Curriculum Vitae

Graduated Doctoral Students

Donna Biederman Donna J. Biederman, DrPH, RN, MN
Dr. Donna Biederman is a Registered Nurse and an active member of the Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative. She received her Master's in Nursing from the University of Washington Tacoma where she focused her studies on social determinants of health and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Her dissertation study is entitled: "Understanding the Experience of Interacting with Service Providers from the Perspective of Homeless Women". Curriculum Vitae
Louis F. Graham Louis F. Graham, MPH, DrPH
Dr. Louis F Graham is a W.K. Kellogg Postdoctoral Health Scholar at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, and his primary population health interests center on bridging more seamlessly research, policy, and practice in men's health inequities elimination efforts. In particular, Dr. Graham's work focuses on psychosocial health determinants among ethnic and sexual minority men and employing innovative qualitative research methodologies. Dr. Graham's current research looks at mental health and sexually transmitted infections among black and Latino gay and bisexual men, and social and sexual geographies among transgendered youth in Detroit. Further, his scholarship centers on community-based participatory research and centralizing cultural studies theories (e.g., critical race theory, queer theory) as frameworks and analysis tools for population health research. Curriculum Vitae
Jeffrey J. Milroy Jeffrey J. Milroy, MPH, DrPH
Dr. Milroy is interested in the overall health and well being of adolescents and young adults. Specifically, Dr. Milroy's research and programming interests include the promotion of physical activity as well as the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among elementary, high school and college aged populations. Additionally, he is passionate about the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative evidence-based programs. Curriculum Vitae
Andrew A. PeacheyAndrew A. Peachey, DrPH
Andrew Peachey received his Doctorate in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he is currently teaching. His research interests include: 1) understanding the distribution of physical and social resources in communities in order to develop health promotion strategies within a socio-ecological framework, and 2) increased translation and utilization of research findings through Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR). His dissertation, Barriers to Development Strategies that may Promote Physical Activity: a Mixed-Method Study of the Planning and Development Process in the Triad Region of North Carolina identifies strategies to increase opportunities for physical activity in neighborhoods. Curriculum Vitae

Kimberly WagonerKimberly G. Wagoner, DrPH, MPH
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Warner McGee Warner L.McGee, MPH, DrPH
Warner is interested in translational CBPR research that address the interplay between social, behavioral and political determinants of sexual health among minority males. His current work explores masculine and racial socialization on HIV testing practices and sexual behaviors. His work is dedicated to improving the social conditions for Black males that facilitate risk for adverse sexual health outcomes. Curriculum Vitae
Gaurav DaveGaurav J. Dave, MD, MPH, DrPH
Currently Gaurav is a senior research analyst and lead evaluator at the Center for Social, Community, Health Research and Evaluation (CSCHRE). Much of his interests and research has been in cardiovascular diseases (CVD) aimed at reducing the burden CVD clinical correlates and co-morbidity, hemoglobinopathies related to newborn screening and community-based evaluation. Curriculum Vitae
Huaibo Xin Huaibo Xin, MD, MPH, DrPH
Huaibo is interested in mental health issues among refugee populations; emergency preparedness for improving disaster mental health among refugees; and international/cross-cultural program evaluation. Curriculum Vitae

Virginia BrownVirginia Brown, MA, DrPH
My research interests are: youth health issues, qualitative research, quantitative research, policy analysis and evaluation

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Amit VermaAmit Verma, MPH, DrPH
Dr. Verma is particularly interested in researching topics in various clinical disciplines. Read More Curriculum Vitae