Department of Public Health Education


The B.S. degree in Public Health Education with a concentration in Health Studies requires students to take 122 credit hours in the following six areas:

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  1. General Education: All students completing undergraduate degrees at UNCG are required to complete General Education Core and Marker Requirements. All undergraduate programs follow General Education requirements. General Education Core and Marker requirements, including specific courses specified by the program, are listed prior to the major requirements. See your Degree Evaluation in Genie for assistance.
  2. Cognates: These are required courses from other departments or programs for completion of the degree. Such courses are listed as "Related Area" or "Cognate" requirements following the major requirements. Please take special note of the cognates because several may serve as course pre-requisites for the required HEA courses in the major. For example, STA 108: Introduction to Statistics is a course pre-requisite for HEA 315: Epidemiology.
  3. Public Health Core: Core courses are those courses required of all students in the major, regardless of concentration. Both the Health Studies Concentration and Community Health Education concentration take these required HEA courses together.
  4. Health Studies Content Core: Major requirements include all courses that must be taken within the major department for completion of the degree. All undergraduate majors require a minimum of 27 hours in the major program of study.
  5. Health Electives: Both concentrations in the Department require additional courses that are "health content" specific and must be different courses from those required in the major.
  6. Free Electives: Both concentrations in the Department require 122 hours. The major requirements vary depending on the concentrations and the course requirements. Generally, students will have to complete 20-40 credit hours of free electives to complete their degree.

To be successful in the Health Studies concentration, students must:

  1. Remain in good academic standing(overall GPA of 2.5) or better
  2. Earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in all HEA courses
  3. Complete all core requirements
  4. Complete the Health Studies Seminar (HEA 490) with a grade of C or better