Center for Legislative Studies

Projects and Activities

  • Research and documents collection in post-communist parliaments
  • Research in legislative policy and politics
  • Undergraduate research and training in legislative research and leadership
  • Democratic development and legislative strengthening
  • Support of Research Committee of Legislative Specialists of the International Political Science Association

Current Activities

CLS Lecture Series
Each Fall and Spring we feature speakers on current topics on both American and international affairs for students and the public. Recent series topics were the 2006 Elections, and Democracy and Security in the Middle East .
Student Research and Training
American students and international exchange students are trained in legislative analysis through participation in faculty research projects and in the acquisition and maintenance of Center documents and working materials.
Summer Study in Washington
A three-week summer study visit to Washington , DC , for undergraduate students is a biennial opportunity to examine the legislative process, lobbying, and policy development in the nation’s capital.
Research in Legislative Organization
CLS faculty and students conduct research on the functioning of legislative institutions at subnational, national, and supranational levels.   We examine the policymaking process, representation and electoral politics, leadership recruitment, and parliamentary party and committee systems.
Parliamentary Documents Collection
Our parliamentary documents collection, now expanded to include parliaments from around the world, includes membership directories, session reports, rules of procedures, and constitutions, mainly from post-communist legislatures. Our directory lists over 200 documents, with titles in both the original language and English.
Democratic and Legislative Development
CLS faculty participate in workshops and training programs for members and staff of legislatures both in the United States and around the world.   The Center hosts visits of international scholars, and parliament members and staff.   We currently collect books for the Parliamentary Library of Moldova and provide support to the NC-Moldova Bilateral Committee.