Useful Websites for the Nonprofit Concentration and Certificate

Rating System

Q- General Information, a possible starting place.
QQ- Need Ideas? This site may lead you in the right direction.
QQQ- Detailed. Complete. Chock full of useful information.
L- Great Links
E- Also has employment listings


  • Independent Sector 
    Includes the Nonprofit Lobbying Guide that explains laws governing lobbying limits, ways nonprofits can use lobbying to advance their causes, and tips on how to mobilize citizen support at all stages of the legislative process. Q, E
  • Stanton Communications 
    Zoning in on non-profit organizations and industry coalitions, this agency provides media relations and crisis communications assistance. Check out case studies. QQ, L, E
  • Local Nonprofit Organizations at Work 
    "A composite vision of a community presence on the World Wide Web". Some research ideas. Q, RL- research links only
  • Nonprofit Resource Guide 
    "A Directory of Organizations of Interest To or Serving Nonprofits." L, QQ
  • Free Management Library 
    "Complete, highly integrated library for nonprofits and for-profits." QQQ, RL - research links only

Professional Organizations

Careers & Jobs

Various Resources

  • NC Center for Nonprofits 
    Encourages support of the nonprofit sector and enhances the capacity of nonprofits to serve the people of North Carolina. Check out the information center. QQ, L
    Guide to public service careers and volunteer opportunities QQQ, L
  • Public Affairs Council 
    Provides products and services that help member organizations become more effective in their public affairs activities. Check out, "What is Public Affairs". Q, E- must be a member
  • The Foundation Center  
    A comprehensive directory that offers links to private foundations, corporate-giving programs and other sources of non-profit funding. Check out the online library and online training. QQ , E
    A donor's guide to non-profit organizations and charities, profiling their purposes, programs,revenues, expenses, and other financial information. Check out tutorials. QQ
    Latest human rights news from 200 non-profit organizations. Daily news updates, non-profit jobs, video, audio, and photos. QQ, E
  • Worldlink Media Consultants 
    An agency that primarily works with non-profit organizations, authors, and entrepreneurs. Peruse a list of case studies and articles. QQ
  • Image Marketing Concepts 
    A full service web development company with clients from all sectors of the business and professional community. Develops custom web solutions for all types of non-profit organizations. QQ, E
  • The Internet Public Library 
    Non-Profit Organizations Reference. How to create, organize, and maintain enterprises devoted to the larger public good. QQQ, L
  • CompassPoint: Nonprofit Support Center
    "CompassPoint provides nonprofits with the management tools and concepts necessary to best serve their communities." QQ 
  • Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest
    "Guide to Nonprofit Advocacy"
  • Charity Channel
    "The world's largest on-line community of nonprofit-sector professionals & trade." QQ, L, E
  • Idealist Nonprofit FAQs
    "Information For and About Nonprofit Organizations."  Q, L 

Academic Journals

  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership
    "The first journal to bring together the best thinking and most advanced knowledge about the special needs, challenges, and opportunities of nonprofit organizations." Q
  • Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
    " The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly is an academic journal designed to report research on voluntarism, citizen participation, philanthropy, civil society, and nonprofit organizations." QQ, RL

News Publications