Department of Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you provide?

The AD/HD Clinic offers a large number and variety of psychological assessment and treatment services that are evidence-based – that is, services that research has shown to be effective. Our assessment services include: diagnostic evaluations for AD/HD and various other psychological disorders, intelligence testing, and screening for learning disabilities. Our treatment services include parent training, social skills training, and school consultation, as well as individual, group, and family-based interventions emphasizing cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, and family systems strategies.

  • What ages do you serve?

Our services are available for children (as young as 4 years of age), adolescents, collegestudents, and adults.

  • Do I need a referral from a doctor or some other health care professional to make an appointment?

No. Any parent or adult with an AD/HD referral concern may call the AD/HD Clinic directly toinitiate services.

  • How do I make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by calling Melissa Adams, our administrative assistant, at the main AD/HD Clinic number (336-346-3192, x 300). When you call, Melissa will gather contact and billing information, as well as more detailed information regarding your history and current concerns. We will then send you packets of questionnaires: for children, these are completed by parents and teachers; for adults, the referred adult and significant others complete these. Once all questionnaire packets have been returned, we will contact you by phone either to schedule an appointment or to let you know that you are on a waiting list for our services.

  • Is there a waiting list?

Due to a recent increase in clinic staffing, we have been able to more quickly process the largenumber of requests for our services. Although this may change in the future, wecurrently (as of 10/21/2010) do not have a waiting list.

  • Do you accept insurance?

We participate in network with the North Carolina Health Choice program and Medicaid. We also file claims with other insurance providers, but the coverage for psychological services varies from plan to plan. Thus, clients are ultimately responsible for fees incurred for our services.

  • Do you test for disorders other than AD/HD?

Yes. The comprehensive psychological evaluation approach that we use allows us not only to diagnose AD/HD (if present), but also to make diagnoses about other behavioral, emotional, and learning disorders when present.

  • What happens after the evaluation is completed?

A comprehensive written report is prepared within two to four weeks after an evaluation hasbeen completed. Approximately one to two weeks after that, a one-hour feedback appointmentis scheduled to review diagnostic conclusions and treatment recommendations. For thoseindividuals diagnosed with AD/HD, several different evidence-based treatment services areavailable upon request.

  • Can I receive treatment if I have been diagnosed or evaluated elsewhere?

Yes, our parent training program and some of our other treatment services are available toindividuals who have been diagnosed or evaluated elsewhere. To ensure that we areproviding you with a treatment that is clinically indicated, we do require that you provide uswith a written summary or other documentation of your prior evaluation, which we will reviewbefore initiating treatment. Should you not have such documentation, we will need to gatheradditional clinical information. This is most often done through completion of behavioralquestionnaires.

  • Do you prescribe medication?

At the present time we do not have a physician available to prescribe medication. We can,however, work closely with your own physician to help set up and implement a medication trialin which objective ratings of AD/HD symptoms, daily functioning, and possible side effectscan be collected. Such results can then be shared with your physician to inform subsequentmedication management.

  • What about research?

To help us learn more about AD/HD and its clinical management, we welcome those who wishto assist us with our research efforts. At any given time there is likely to be an ongoing researchproject for which AD/HD Clinic clients may be eligible to participate. Clients receiving clinicalservices from the AD/HD Clinic are not required to participate in research. All research participation is completely voluntary.