Department of Psychology

Research Labs

C.L.A.M. (Cognition, Learning, and Memory)

Dr. Peter Delaney

Attention and Memory Lab

Dr. Michael Kane

Infant Development Research Center

Dr. George Michel

D.U.C.K. (Development and Understanding of Children’s Knowledge)

Dr. Janet Boseovski, Dr. Stuart Marcovitch

MDLaB (Memory Development Learning and Brain)

Dr. Thanujeni Pathman

Memory, Context, and Forgetting Lab

Dr. Lili Sahakyan

Right Track

Dr. Susan Keane, Dr. Susan Calkins

ADHD Clinical Research

Dr. Arthur Anastopoulos

Adult Personality and Psychopathology Lab

Dr. Rosemery Nelson-Gray

Adult Cognition Lab

Dr. Dayna Touron

Depression Research and Treatment Program

Dr. Kari Eddington