Department of Psychology

Delaney part of research team examining learning strategies with the blind

(From UNCG Campus Weekly, June 15, 2011)

An interdisciplinary research team led by Dr. Rahul Singh (ISOM) has been awarded The Triad Interuniversity Project Planning grant for the project titled “Triad Research Initiative to Empower the Visually Impaired for Information Systems Competitiveness (TREVIS)”. This project will develop the strategic plan and the collaboration structure for a TREVIS research center. The center will design, test and refine creative learning strategies to enhance the engagement, retention and success of the blind and visually impaired in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) education and ICT-intensive careers. In the long term, the TREVIS center will extend its research to benefit other populations with special needs, including the elderly, the dyslexic and the hearing impaired. The work proposed for this project is an extension of the dissertation research of Rakesh Babu under the guidance of Singh. A part of that dissertation research was funded by the National Science Foundation under the title “The Mind of the Blind on the Web.” Other members of the research team include Dr. Peter Delaney of UNCG’s Psychology department, Dr. Eric Stone of Wake Forest University, Dr. Jinsheng Xu of A&T University and Shira Hedgepeth of Winston-Salem State University. The team wants to work together to develop the TREVIS center into a global pioneer in the development and dissemination of research and innovations to empower the visually impaired and other groups with special needs in the 21st century ICT workforce.