Department of Psychology

Honors Requirements

Honors Program

Close contact with committed faculty in both advanced research and in seminar settings produces a greater depth in your understanding of psychological processes. The Psychology Department offers Honors in Psychology available to those students with excellent academic records who seek additional intellectual stimulation, advanced study, and challenge in the discipline of psychology.

Honors courses offer challenging opportunities for advanced study in topics not available in the general curriculum. Honors in Psychology enables students to obtain advanced experience in seminars and in research settings that are similar to those that occur in graduate or professional school. Acceptance in competitive graduate programs in experimental psychology, counseling, organizational psychology, neuroscience and social work, and post graduate work in medicine, psychiatry and law, are all made more likely by the enhanced experiences available through Honors in Psychology.

For more general information about the UNCG Honors Program, please refer to the UNCG Honors Program web site.


At least 12 s.h. in psychology courses including:

  • Two of PSY 495 or PSY 515 or PSY 519. PSY 495 or 519 may be taken more than once for credit to satisfy this requirement.
  • PSY 493 and HSS 490. PSY 493 must be taken before HSS 490.


  • 3.30 or greater cumulative GPA at graduation
  • 3.30 or greater GPA in Psychology
  • A declared Psychology Major


The designation “Completed Disciplinary Honors in Psychology” and the title of the Senior Honors Project will be printed on the student’s official transcript.

Senior Year

A Senior Thesis is the crowning achievement of your undergraduate career. It represents an independent research project developed by you in consultation with a faculty member. It differs from an independent study in being your original work, designed, developed and conducted by you, with advice and guidance from your faculty supervisor. It is very similar to a Master's Thesis.

If you have questions about Honors in Psychology, please contact the Psychology Department Honors Advisor:

You are advised to meet with Dr. Silvia in person.