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Psychology Major Requirements (BA in Psychology)

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Psychology Major

The Psychology Major provides a background for entry into a variety of professions other than psychology where understanding the principles of behavior and cognition is important. It also provides the necessary background for individuals planning to do graduate work in either basic or applied psychology.

The curriculum provides students with a structured, sequenced exposure to six core areas in psychology. These are: behavior analysis; biopsychology; clinical psychology; cognitive psychology; development psychology; and, social psychology. Majors must sample from at least four domains at the intermediate (200) level, but can choose a narrower or broader sampling of upper level courses. The curriculum also affords hands-on experience with scientific psychology via laboratory courses and field experiences.

** Everything you need to know if you are majoring, or considering majoring, in Psychology **


Minimum 36 semester hours in psychology to include the following courses. Students must earn a grade of at least C- in all psychology courses required for the major.

  • PSY 121*, 122
  • at least four (4) of the seven intermediate level core courses (230*, 240, 250*, 260*, 265, 275, 280)
  • PSY 310, and 311
  • a minimum of four (4) additional PSY courses at the 300 level or above, including at least two courses at the 400 level or above.
  • PSY 314 and 433 may not be used to satisfy requirements for the major.

*PSY 121, 250, and 260 each satisfy 3 s.h. of GSB. PSY 230 satisfies 3 s.h. of GNS. Students may not complete GSB requirements solely with courses in Psychology

Portfolio Requirements (for BA in Psychology)

Psychology Minor

If your major field of study is anthropology, biology, business and marketing, human development, sociology, exercise and sports science, education, nursing, social work, communication, counseling, pre-law or pre-med, consider complementing your major with a Minor in psychology.


18 semester hours in psychology.

These must include:

  • PSY 121
  • a minimum of 2 psychology courses at the 200 level
  • one psychology course at the 400 level
  • any two additional psychology electives

Note: A grade of C- or better in all Psychology courses is required for the minor.

Some Examples:

For Sociology: We recommend a focus on social psychology, with some cognitive psychology, including courses such as PSY 260 and PSY 280, and PSY 460, 461, 462 and/or 463. All focus on topics that relate individual psychology to social context.

For Biology: We recommend a focus on biopsychology, including courses such as PSY 230 and PSY 240, and PSY 435, 438, 442 and/or 457. Topic may relate to neuroscience, animal management, animal learning and animal behavior in both laboratory and field settings.

For Business and Marketing: We recommend a focus on social psychology, and cognitive psychology, including courses such as PSY 260 and PSY 280, and PSY 460, 480, 462 and/or 483. Topics can provide a foundation in industrial organizational psychology and in the psychology of persuasion and decision making.

For Human Development: We recommend a focus on developmental psychology , including courses such as PSY 250 and PSY 280, and PSY 455 and 456, 463 and/or 481. Topics can provide a foundation in cognitive development, attachment, and interpersonal relationships.

For Counseling: We recommend a focus on clinical psychology , including courses such as PSY 275 and PSY 280 or 250, and PSY 470, 471, and/or 472. Topics can provide a foundation in abnormal processes in adults and children and in interpersonal relationships.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Peter Delaney,, (336) 256-0010