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Residency Applications

Supplemental Applications:

Once you compile your packet, you may mail it, fax it, or bring it by the appropriate office as indicated above. (E-mail transmittal cannot be guaranteed secure.)
The burden of proof is on the applicant to provide evidence to support his or her claim to the in-state tuition benefit.

  • Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing.  You will receive e-mail notification and/or a letter with the outcome.
  • Remember to sign and date your application or it will be returned to you, thus delaying the classification process.
  • Failure to answer all questions completely and legibly may result in the application being returned to you and thus delaying the classification process.
  • You may be asked for additional materials to support your claim to the in-state tuition. 
  • You may check your UNCGenie account for updates.
  • Please do not submit original documents; your packet will not be returned to you.
  • Please submit all materials at one time with a single staple or clip.
  • You may black out Social Security numbers and account numbers.
  • Please keep a photocopy of your entire packet for your records prior to submitting your packet.  Your packet will not be returned to you.
  • Our offices are not able to make photocopies for you.
  • You must have already been physically present in North Carolina for 365 days before you submit the application.
  • The deadline to submit applications and ALL materials is midnight on the 5th of classes for the term in question.



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