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Class Attendance

Regular class attendance is a responsibility and a privilege of university education. It is fundamental to the orderly acquisition of knowledge. Students should recognize the advantages of regular class attendance, accept it as a personal responsibility, and apprise themselves of the consequences of poor attendance. Instructors should stress the importance of these responsibilities to students, set appropriate class attendance policies for their classes, and inform students of their requirements in syllabi and orally at the beginning of each term.

Student's Responsibility

1. Knowledge of each instructor's attendance policy and monitoring his or her class absences throughout the term.

2. Familiarity with all materials covered in each course during absences and make-up of any work required by the instructor.

3. Initiation of requests to make-up work missed because of class absences. The decision to assist the student with make-up work, including tests, rests with the instructor.

4. Follow-up on all notices from the Registrar regarding course enrollment in order to correct registration.

Instructor's Responsibility

1. Setting of reasonable regulations for class attendance as appropriate for class content, organization, methodology, and size.

2. Description of attendance policies in course syllabi and announcement in class, particularly at the beginning of each term.

3. Maintenance of class attendance records of enrolled students as appropriate for the attendance policy.

4. Exaction of penalties for unsatisfactory class attendance. Possible penalties are lowering the course grade, including a grade of F, and, in extreme circumstances, dropping the student from the course.


If a student thinks there is a discrepancy between the instructor's exaction of a penalty for unsatisfactory class attendance and the stated policy or that there is an extenuating circumstance that may affect the instructor's decision, then he or she should first make a request to the instructor. If desired, the student may further appeal to the Department Head, the Dean of the School or College, and the Provost, in that order.


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