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Archaeology Program
College of Arts & Sciences
Special Programs in Liberal Studies

237 McIver Building
(336) 334-5214

Committee Members

  • Jeffrey S. Soles, Chair, Archaeology Program, Department of Classical Studies
  • Brad Bartel, Department of Anthropology
  • Joseph B. Mountjoy, Department of Anthropology
  • Michael Neeley, Department of Anthropology
  • Jeffrey C. Patton, Department of Geography
  • Mary Kaye Sandford, Department of Anthropology
  • Roy Stine, Department of Geography
  • The Special Programs in Liberal Studies major with a concentration in Archaeology introduces students to the ancient civilizations and cultures of the Old and New Worlds and to the analytical tools that facilitate their study. The major is designed to develop both anthropological and historical perspectives in archaeological research, to encompass the range of prehistoric to early historic cultures in the Old and New Worlds, and to introduce the theoretical concepts and methodological techniques appropriate to archaeological research.

    The Program's faculty are actively involved in field work in Greece, Mexico, and North Carolina, and students are expected to participate in those or other field work projects.

    Special Programs in Liberal Studies Major

    Concentration in Archaeology

    Degree: Bachelor of Arts

    Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level
    AOS Code: U808

    College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Education Requirements (CLER) (54-55 hours)

    All students must meet the All-University Liberal Education Requirements (AULER). The College of Arts and Sciences, however, has established liberal education requirements for its programs which, while including those of AULER, contain additional requirements in several categories. Therefore, students following this program should adhere to the College requirements. Please note that students who satisfy the College Liberal Education Requirements (CLER) will also satisfy the All-University Liberal Education Requirements (AULER). See a complete description of the College requirements and a listing of courses meeting AULER/CLER requirements.

    Major Requirements

    Minimum 30 semester hours distributed as follows.

    1. Core Requirements (12 hours)

  • 258 World Prehistory
  • 360 Modern Archaeology
  • CCI 211 Introduction to Classical Archaeology (Greece)
  • CCI 212 Introduction to Classical Archaeology (Rome)
  • 2. Area Requirements (6 hours with 3 hours from each category)

    Old World Archaeology:

  • ATY 501 Selected Topics in Anthropology (European Archaeology)
  • CCI 312 The Art and Archaeology of Egypt
  • CCI 313 Archaeology of the Aegean
  • CCI 314 Ancient Cities
  • New World Archaeology:

  • ATY 462 Archaeology of the Southeastern United States
  • ATY 533 Archaeology of Mexico
  • 3. Analytical Methods and Techniques (6 hours with no more than 3 from ATY 378, ATY 478, CCI 401)

  • ATY 378 Historical Archaeology Field Techniques
  • ATY 478 Field Methods in Archaeology
  • ATY 479 Analysis of Archaeological Data
  • ATY 553 Human Identification
  • ATY 559 Disease and Nutrition in Ancient Populations
  • CCI 401 Archaeological Practicum
  • GEO 314 Physical Geography: Landscape Processes
  • GEO 323 Air Photo and Remote Sensing
  • 4. Related Area Electives (6 hours from any of the above courses or the following related courses)

  • ART 201 Ancient Art
  • ART 281 Ceramics I
  • ART 285 Photography
  • ATY 213 Cultural Anthropology
  • CCI 450 Internship in Classical Studies
  • GEO 321 Cartography
  • HIS 220 The Ancient World
  • PHI 325 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  • Under special circumstances and with the permission of the Committee, some required courses may be substituted for others.


    Electives sufficient to complete 122 semester hours required for degree.

    Archaeology Minor

    Required: minimum of 15 semester hours

    The Archaeology minor requires completion of a minimum of 15 hours with 9 hours chosen from the Core Requirements and 3 hours chosen from each category of the Area Requirements.


    Contact: University Registrar's Office
    Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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