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Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Major (FINA)
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Bachelor of Science
Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level
AOS Code: U316

General Program Requirements
1. Formal admission to Finance, Insurance and Real Estate:

a. Successful completion of ACC 201, 202, 203; CST 105; ECO 201, 202, 250; ENG 101 or FMS 115 or RCO 101, ENG 102; ISM 110, 280; MAT 120* or 191
b. Grade of C or better in ACC 201, 202, 203
c. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0

2. Grades of C or better in all ACC and FIN courses used toward the major
3. 122 semester hours
4. At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the degree must be earned at UNCG

*MAT 100 and MAT 115 may be needed as prerequisites for MAT 120 depending upon math placement test score or completion of previous college math.

I General Education Core Requirements (GEC)

See complete GEC requirements and approved course listings for all categories.
Students may select courses for:
Sem hrs
Literature (GLT) 3
Fine Arts (GFA) 3
Philosophical, Religious, Ethical Principles (GPR) 3

Historical Perspectives on Western Culture (GHP)

Natural Sciences (GNS)
one must be a laboratory course;each must have a different departmental prefix


Department specifies courses for:

One additional GLT, GFA, or GPR course
Foreign language XXX 203B (e.g., SPA 203B) or equivalent

Mathematics (GMT)
MAT 120 or 191
Reasoning and Discourse (GRD)
ENG 101 or FMS 115 or RCO 101, and ENG 102
Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)
ECO 201 and 202

II General Education Marker Requirements
See for details and courses. It is possible to meet all GE Marker Requirements while completing the GE Core requirements or courses required by the major/concentration.

Students may select courses for: 
Global/Global-Nonwestern Perspectives (GL/GN)
Four (4) courses carrying GL/GN markers: 3-6 hours (1-2 courses) of the same foreign language depending upon placement; 2-3 additional GL/GN courses, one of which must carry the GN marker.
One Speaking Intensive (SI) Course
In addition to this SI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second SI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements which is taught as Speaking Intensive.
One Writing Intensive (WI) Course
In addition to this WI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second WI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements which is taught as Writing Intensive.

III Major Requirements

1. FIN 315, 325, 330, 350; FIN 444 (or ACC 450)
2. At least two additional courses selected from: FIN 320, 410, 415, 420, 430, 442, 449, 471, 472, 473, 493, 499; ACC 318, 319, 420, 430

IV Related Area Requirements

1. ACC 201, 202, 203; BUS 105A**; CST 105; ECO 201*, 202*, 250, 300; ENG 102*; ISM 110, 280, 360; MAT 120* or 191*; MGT 301, 309, 312, 330, 491; MKT 320
2. Nine (9) hours of a foreign language; see requirement details.

* MAT 120 or 191 satisfies GEC MT; ENG 102 satisfies 3 hrs of GEC RD; ECO 201 and 202 satisfy GEC SB; foreign language satisfies 3-6 hrs of GL/GN requirement
**BUS 105 is for students entering UNCG as freshmen and must be taken during the first two semesters of enrollment. Students are encouraged to take BUS 105 during their first semester if space is available.

V Electives
Electives sufficient to complete 122 total semester hours required for the degree.


Contact: University Registrar's Office
Registrar, UNCG, PO Box 26170, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 (336) 334-5946

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