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African American Studies

College of Arts & Sciences

200 Foust Building


Committee Members

Frank Woods, Director, African American Studies Program

Willie L. Baber, Department of Anthropology

Shelly L. Brown, Department of Sociology

Michael Cauthen, Lecturer, African American Studies Program

Steven Cureton, Department of Sociology

Audrey Daniel, Office of Multicultural Affairs

George Dimock, Department of Art

SallyAnn H. Ferguson, Department of English

William D. Hart, Department of Religious Studies

Thomas Jackson, Department of History

Colleen Kriger, Department of History

Courtney Moore, African American Studies Program

Deborah Pelli, Department of Biology

Mission Statement

The African American Studies Program is committed to sustaining an academic environment in which African American students and students of every race or ethnicity are motivated to develop to their full potential. Through interdisciplinary courses, the students can achieve an informed appreciation of the history and socioculture of persons of African descent, as well as the history and socioculture of others. Set in an urban institutional environment, the Program offers students an array of scholastic and experiential opportunities. The Program contributes to the social, aesthetic, and ethical development of its students and supports them as they pursue their academic goals. African American Studies nurtures intellectual curiosity, tolerance, and commitment to the ideals of social justice and equality, attributes prized by the University community and society at large.


African American Studies as a Second Major

Students who wish to declare a second major in African American Studies must complete all requirements listed above under the degree selected.



African American Studies Minor

Required: minimum of 18 semester hours

AFS 201 and 210 are required for all AFS minors. Students may select the additional 12 hours required for the minor from any courses listed in “Additional AFS and Related Area Courses”.