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Department of Biology

College of Arts & Sciences

312 Eberhart Building



Anne E. Hershey, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Cannon, Gatten, Henrich, Lacey, O’Brien, Rublee, Stavn, Sullivan (Chancellor of UNCG); Associate Professors Katula, Kirchoff, Leise, Lepri; Assistant Professors Adamson, Hens, Kalcounis-Rüppell, LaJeunesse, Mou, Remington, Rueppell, Steimle, Tomkiel; Lecturers Bundy, Gouzoules, Horton, La Point, Maxwell, Pearce, Pelli, Redman, Somers, Tomlin

Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct Professors Johnston, Logan, McIntosh; Adjunct Clinical Professor Lipford; Adjunct Associate Professors Blake, Pratap; Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Hopkins; Adjunct Assistant Professor Curtis; Adjunct Clinical Instructors Anderson, Bean, Culton, Gaither, Hobson, Scaro, Shirley, Simmons, Yarborough

The Department of Biology has a strong commitment to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recipients of undergraduate biology degrees find employment in a wide range of fields and are well-prepared for further study in graduate school and in health-related professions such as medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. Writing-intensive courses and laboratory classes help develop communication and research skills.

The department’s tradition of excellence in education is complemented by a faculty actively engaged in research in areas ranging from molecular biology and biochemistry to ecology and evolution. Students are encouraged to gain research experience through independent study with a faculty mentor.


Accelerated Master’s Program for Biology Majors

Interested students should see Accelerated Master’s Programs for Undergraduates for details about the B.A. in Biology/M.S. in Chemistry program requirements.