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Department of Dance

School of Health and Human Performance

323 Health and Human Performance Building



Larry Lavender, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Gamble, Stinson, Van Dyke; Associate Professors Dils, Green, Santos; APT Associate Professor Fore; Assistant Professors Gee, Sullivan; APT Assistant Professor Vulpi

Mission Statement

The Department of Dance at UNCG offers bachelors and masters degrees that provide professional preparation balanced with liberal education for a variety of career outcomes in dance. The Department prepares students for further study and for the task of creating their lives as artists, educators, scholars, and/or related professionals, whether at a state, regional, or national level.

The Department’s primary emphasis is teaching students the technical skills required for creative work and the critical skills essential to the creative process and to scholarly inquiry along with the knowledge of dance and related areas they will need to pursue diverse careers. The Department also plays a significant role in enhancing the cultural environment of the campus and larger community through the presentation of work by faculty, students, and other artists.

The Department of Dance is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance. The requirements for entrance and graduation as set forth in this Bulletin meet the published regulations for the National Association of Schools of Dance.

Admission to Dance Majors (B.A., B.S., and B.F.A.)

Admission for all dance major programs in the Department of Dance is by application only. All prospective Dance or Dance Education majors must participate in a selective admission process. This includes students currently at UNCG who have not been accepted as majors in the Department. The audition process includes a written application, an audition class, a writing sample, and an interview. Application forms and details are available from the Department.


Dance as Second Major

Students desiring to take Dance as a second major should follow the degree requirements for the B.A. degree in Dance.