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International Business Studies Program

Bryan School of Business & Economics

441 Bryan Building


Committee Members

Riad A. Ajami, Chair, Director, Center for Global Business Education and Research

Lydia Arledge, Bryan School of Business and Economics Undergraduate Student Services

C. Edward Arrington, Department of Accounting

Chang Choi, Department of Business Administration

William Crowther, Department of Political Science

Thomas Fitzgerald, Department of Anthropology

Paul Muchinsky, Department of Business Administration

Hamid Nemati, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Nicholas Williamson, Department of Business Administration

James Woodley, Department of Business Administration

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Business Studies Program Major is to contribute to the strategic focus of the Bryan School by providing students the best possible preparation for careers in a global economy. The program recognizes the importance of language proficiency and the multicultural nature of international business. Those needs are addressed by using an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes both understanding the business and economic institutions and practices in the global environment and the nature of culture and the role it plays in international business together with language proficiency.

The International Business Studies major is an interdisciplinary program in the Bryan School of Business and Economics administratively located in the Center for Global Business Education and Research. The program is distinctive in the Bryan School by requiring experiences and competence in areas such as language and study abroad that are not required in other business programs. The need to understand other cultures, societies, and economies is met by requiring/recommending more in liberal education and cognate areas than is required in General Education requirements for other business programs.