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Department of
Specialized Education Services

School of Education

341A Curry Building



Marilyn Friend, Professor and Chair of Department

Professors E. Shroyer, Vallecorsa; Associate Professors Compton, Niemeyer; Assistant Professors Baker, Kurtts, Murray; Visiting Assistant Professor Boyles; Lecturers Michael, Stratton, Torres

The primary goal of the Department of Specialized Education Services is to prepare professionals for diverse roles in working with individuals with disabilities across the lifespan in a variety of educational and community environments. Programs in the department emphasize the delivery of services in integrated settings, with a focus on interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration. Upon graduation, students are prepared for professional careers in public and private schools, residential settings, community agencies, clinics, and organizations. Faculty teaching, research, and service activities facilitate these outcomes. The Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Education of Deaf Children and in Special Education (LD and BED), and undergraduate coursework in the interdisciplinary Birth–Kindergarten (B–K) Program.