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Department of Textile Products Design and Marketing

School of Human Environmental Sciences

210 Stone Building



Professor C. Dyer; Associate Professors B. Dyer, Kilduff, McEnally, Nelson; Lecturers Lyon, Ramsey; Adjunct Professor Pasley; Adjunct Associate Professor Gruber

The Textile Products Design and Marketing program offers two concentrations for majors and minors: Textile Products Design and Textile Products Marketing. These concentrations prepare students for positions with companies that focus on development, design or marketing strategies in the soft goods chain or textile-related industries.

During the first two years of study, students will complete the majority of their general education requirements and begin introductory textile, design, and marketing courses. Because many students frequently change majors early in their academic careers, the majority of textile products design and marketing courses are offered during the junior and senior years.

Students begin in-depth study in either Textile Products Design or Textile Products Marketing in their junior year. All students take supporting courses in the Bryan School of Business and Economics, preferably during their sophomore and junior years. Marketing students can complete sufficient courses (21 hours) in the Bryan School to complete a minor in Business.

Internship experiences are required of all TDM students. Students prepare for this opportunity by completing a pre-internship class. Internships are structured and supervised to ensure that students have a quality experience. Because of the proximity to North Carolina’s textile and apparel industry, the majority of students have experiences within the state.

International exposure is built into the curriculum beginning in the freshman year with a non-Western course, TDM 121, “Culture, Human Behavior, and Clothing,” and continues throughout the program. Study of foreign languages is encouraged, and international study experiences are possible.