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Miscellaneous Fees and Expenses

Athletic, Activity, and Facilities Fees

Payment of these fees gives students access to athletic events, campus organizations, Elliott University Center (student union), and many other student programs.

Auditing Fees

Current UNCG Students. A registered full-time UNCG student may audit one course per term without charge. A registered part-time UNCG student may audit no more than two courses per term and is charged a fee of $15.00 per course.

Division of Continual Learning Visiting Auditors. Visiting auditors are classified as non-UNCG students who wish to take a course without receiving a record of enrollment. Such individuals must apply to register through the Division of Continual Learning. A Visiting auditor will not receive a record of enrollment and is charged a $50.00 fee per course.

Registered auditors (persons not officially enrolled at UNCG) who do require a record of enrollment as an auditor should follow regular admission, registration, and payment procedures. A fee equal to in-state or out-of-state tuition rates is charged for each course audited.

Fees are payable in full at the time of enrollment. See Admissions for details about auditing courses.

Books and Course Supplies

Costs generally run $250–$500 per semester for textbooks and related supplies for full-time students. These are to be paid for as purchased, either from the UNCG Bookstore or elsewhere. A few courses may require significantly higher expenditures for supplies or special fees and are so noted in the semester Schedule of Courses.

Furnishings (Traditional Residence Hall)

All residence hall rooms are furnished with beds, dressers, and desks. All have community bathrooms by floor or wing. All have local telephone and automated voice-mail service. Students furnish their own pillows, pillow cases, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, towels, and room accessories such as telephones, study lamps, draperies, rugs, recycling bins and wastebaskets.

Graduation Application Fee

The graduation fee, currently $50 for the baccalaureate degree, covers the cost of the diploma and other costs associated with the Commencement ceremony and is charged to all degree candidates. It is payable in the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office 30 days prior to graduation. The fee is non-refundable. Effective spring 2005, degree candidates will purchase or rent regalia from the University Bookstore.

Identification Cards (UNCG FirstCard)

A permanent UNCG FirstCard will be issued to each student upon completion of registration for their first semester at UNCG. A $15.00 replacement fee is charged for lost, stolen, or damaged IDs.

Internet/Cable Connections

All residence hall rooms are wired for direct Ethernet connection to the Internet, with one port per student. All residence hall rooms have a cable TV connection and Time Warner Cable Service with 78 channels.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

FirstCard-ready washing machines and dryers are located in each residence hall. Students may apply money to their UNCG FirstCard for laundry and vending expenses.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required for all student-operated motor vehicles that park on the UNCG campus. See The University Community for details on parking regulations.

Telephone Service

All rooms include free campus and local telephone service with individual voice mailboxes. Standard double rooms have one shared phone line per room with one jack. Tower Village Suites and the new Spring Garden Apartments have individual phone lines. Students are responsible for providing an analog telephone set. See for local calling area information. Prepaid personal calling cards or personal cell phones are required for long distance.

Transcript Fee

A fee (currently $5 per copy at the time this Bulletin was printed) is charged for release of an official UNCG academic transcript.

Uniforms, Special Equipment, and Liability Insurance

Students are expected to use outfits appropriate to the physical education activities taken. Gym clothing, leotards, and other appropriate outfits are available from the University Book Store.

Nursing majors are required to purchase uniforms and liability insurance. See School of Nursing for complete details.

Some majors in Exercise and Sport Science are also required to purchase liability insurance. See Department of Exercise and Sport Science for details.

Many laboratory courses require safety goggles and special protective clothing. Smocks or coveralls are often required in art classes. Unless the student has advance information, it is preferable to purchase these items after arrival.