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Art Courses (ART)

GE Core denotes General Education Core credit;
GE Marker
denotes General Education Marker credit;
CAR denotes College Additional Requirement credit.

Art courses are listed under the following headings: Studio, Art History, Art Education, and Museum Studies.

STUDIO Courses

Courses for Undergraduates

120 Fundamentals of Drawing (3:1:6)

Basic course in the practice and principles of drawing. Emphasis on working from observation with a wide variety of media and genres explored. (Fall & Spring)

140 Design I (3:1:6)

Basic course in fundamentals of design. Work in two and three dimensions. (Fall & Spring)

150 3-D Foundations (3:1:6)

Fundamentals in three dimensional concepts of form, space, and structure. (Fall & Spring)

220 Intermediate Drawing (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120

A continuation of the practices and principles of ART 120, with a greater emphasis on conceptual development. (Fall & Spring)

221 Life Drawing I (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 220

Figure drawing from the model. (Fall & Spring)

226 Woodcut and Wood Engraving (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120 or 140

Woodblock relief techniques as a printmaking medium. (Occ)

228 Etching I (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120 or 140

Intaglio techniques as a printmaking medium. (Fall & Spring)

229 Lithography I (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120 or 140

Planographic techniques as a printmaking medium. (Fall & Spring)

231 Materials of Painting (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120

Materials and characteristic processes of major techniques.

232 Painting I (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120

Basic course which uses observation as a vehicle for learning the fundamentals of oil painting.

241 Design II (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 140

Introduction to the computer as a design tool and art medium. A variety of imaging applications introduced through design studio problems and visual problem solving.

252 Techniques of Sculpture (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 150

Tools, materials, and characteristic processes of major techniques.

253 Sculpture I (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 150

Working from observation, students will increase their perceptual ability and skills through studio assignments. Emphasis on the comprehension of forms and structures in space.

275 Metal Crafts I (3:1:4)

Pr. ART 140 or 150

Techniques required to make jewelry and small art objects from copper, brass, and precious metals. Includes gem and stone setting.

281 Ceramics I (3:1:6)

Basic course with emphasis on handbuilt forms. (Fall & Spring)

285 Photography I (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 140, or permission of instructor

Equipment and basic techniques of photography. Students must purchase film and papers. 35 MM camera required. (Fall & Spring)

321 Life Drawing II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 221

May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor and department head.

Continuation of 221. (Fall & Spring)

322 Variable Topics in Drawing (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 221

Practice and study of traditional and contemporary methods of drawing in a variety of media and genres.

323 The Arts as Human Experience (3:3)

An examination of the meaning of the arts experience, including its historical and personal significance. Includes reading and related work in art, dance, drama, and music. (Same as DCE 323, THR 323)

335 Painting II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 232

Studio course with substantial work from the model. Emphasis on development of control of the medium for pictorial purposes.

337 Painting III (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 335

Studio course with work from the model and other subject matter; emphasis on control of pictorial elements and individual development.

340 Concepts in Time-based Media (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 140 and 241

Intermediate-level study of design fundamentals in time-based applications, with emphasis on cross application work and content. (Fall & Spring)

341 Letters, Signs, and Symbols (3:2:4)

Pr. ART 140 and 241

Letter forms, signs, and symbols as configurations for design study.

344 Digital Darkroom (3:2:4)

Pr. ART 140, 241, or permission of instructor

ART 285 recommended.

Studio based study of photo-based imagery and digital imaging. In-depth study of Photoshop and complementary photo-based software. (Alt)

345 Introduction to Web Design (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 241

An introduction to the design on interfaces for the Web using HTML and CSS. The course also addresses the issues of fluid design in interactive media. (Fall)

346 Kinetic Design (3:2:3)

Pr. 10 s.h. of studio art including ART 140

Motion and time sequence in two-dimensional and three-dimensional design.

347 Color Theory (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 140

Major color theories and systems. Projects using properties of color in pigments, transparencies, and projected light. (Fall & Spring)

348 Metal Sculpture (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 252 or 253

Studio course in non-cast metal sculpture techniques and concepts. Basic welding and fabrication of metal as a sculpture medium.

353 Metal Casting (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 252 or 253 or permission of instructor

May be repeated for credit.

Basic course in casting metal as a sculpture medium. Theory and practice of moldmaking and foundry processes.

355 Sculpture II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 252 or 253

Sculpture as a plastic idiom in creating forms in space. Emphasis on the development of individual expression.

356 Sculpture III (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 355

Advanced undergraduate work with emphasis on individual sculpture development.

373 Design Methods for the Crafts (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 100 or 101, 140, or permission of instructor

Sources of and approaches to crafts design with materials such as wood, fiber, metal, and paper. Exploration of sources of design in natural and man-made worlds. Recommended for Art Education majors.

375 Metal Crafts II (3:1:4)

Pr. ART 275

Advanced work in techniques required to make jewelry and small art objects from copper, brass, and precious metals.

381 Ceramics II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 281 or permission of instructor

Wheel-thrown forms; glazing and decorating techniques. (Fall & Spring)

382 Ceramic Glaze Techniques (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 281

Glaze formulae; mixing and testing of glazes, glaze application, the care and operation of equipment. (Spring)

384 Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (3:1:2)

Pr. ART 285 or permission of instructor

Course examines photojournalism and the documentary tradition. Students will explore a local story idea while learning new technical and visual skills essential to creating a cohesive visual narrative. (Fall)

385 Photography II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 285 or portfolio and permission of instructor

Special techniques including those used in research laboratories; work with special types of film. Students must purchase films and papers.

387 Color Photography (3:1:5)

Pr. ART 285

An introduction to the basic processes used to produce color photographs and to an understanding of color photography as art.

388 Photographic Interaction (3:3)

Pr. ART 285 or permission of instructor

Course expands the boundaries of image-making in still life, nature and human relationships. Includes advanced techniques in printing and sequencing images, including digital technology.

389 Experimental Course: Digital Integration in Printmaking (3:1:6)

Experimental integration and application of traditional and digital printmaking processes. (Offered fall '08)

389 Experimental Course: Advanced Photography (3:1:3)

Pr. ART 285 and 385

This course will combine the benefits of using the view camera with today's digital technologies: scanning negatives, color correction, and archiving images. Students must purchase film and papers. (Offered fall '06 & spring '07)

393 Practicum/Internship in Art Careers (1–3)

Pr. prior written approval of supervising instructor and department head, with written agreement of expectations from sponsor

May be repeated for credit.

Practical experience for art majors for developing career goals and skills.

428 Etching II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 228

May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor or department head.

Continued development of etching techniques introduced in Etching I. Emphasis placed on supervised independent work consistent with students’ personal artistic goals. (Fall & Spring)

429 Lithography II (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120 or 140, and 229

May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor or department head.

Continuation of ART 229 with additional emphasis on multi-color imagery and the integration of advanced lithographic processes in students’ assignments.

439 Variable Topics in Painting (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120, 220, 232, 335

Practice and study of traditional and contemporary methods of painting in a variety of media and genres.

441 Books and Images (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 140, 241, and 341

For advanced students.

Advanced studio investigation into digital publishing with an emphasis on print-based and electronic publication forms. Primary focus on unique and challenging artist’s books and image-intensive works. (Alt Years)

442 Image Sequencing/Sequential Images (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 140, 241, and 340

For advanced Design majors.

Advanced studio-based exploration of digital video, sound, and animation through a range of digital software. Study of nonlinear editing, narrative, and experimental approaches to motion graphics and video. (Alt Years)

445 Three-Dimensional Design (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 140, 241, 340

Three-dimensional modeling and animation. Development of three-dimensional systems as objects and environments. (Formerly ART 345)

446 Graphic Design (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 140, 241, and 341

For advanced students.

An advanced investigation into graphic design; typography, branding, and information architecture. Advanced execution of print, Web-based, and motion graphics. (Alt Years)

481 Ceramics III (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 281, 381

Advanced course in ceramics with emphasis on the entire ceramic process: preparation of clay body and glazes, forming, bisque and glaze firing. (Fall)

482 Capstone Painting Studio and Practice Seminar (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 120, 220, 221, 232, 321, 322, 335, and 337

Through independent studio, discipline-based writing, and speaking projects, students will engage in analytical discourse related to museum exhibitions and lectures and in preparation to exhibit, present, and document their artwork. (Spring)

485 Advanced Critique in Photography (3:3:6)

Pr. ART 285 and two photography courses at the 300 level

Emphasis upon the application of advanced tools and techniques, where independent research and creative studio practice is required. (Spring)

493 Honors Work (3–6)

Pr. permission of instructor; 3.30 GPA in the major, 12 s.h. in the major

May be repeated for credit if the topic of study changes.


496 Special Problems, Studio (3:1:6)

Pr. prior approval of supervising instructor required

May be repeated for credit with permission of department head.

May not be used in place of a required course in the Art major.

Independent studio work adjusted to needs and interests of individual student. (Fall & Spring)

498, 499 Independent Study (3:1:6), (3:1:6)

Pr. senior status and permission of instructor

Students complete work demonstrating technical accomplishment and self-motivation. 498: sequence of work must be submitted for juried senior show. 499: sessions on portfolio presentation and preparation. (Fall & Spring)

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students


520 Anatomy for the Artist (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 220 or permission of instructor

Visual analysis of the human form with an emphasis on the skeleto-muscular system.

525 Advanced Metal Casting (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 353 or permission of instructor

May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

Advanced theory and practice of metal casting.

529 The Multi-Media Print (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 226 or 228 or 229, and 241

May be repeated for credit with permission of instructor

Experimental forms of image making utilizing diverse sources of technical and aesthetic references including electronic media, photography, monoprints, collagraphy, 3-D constructions, and traditional printmaking methods and processes. (Fall & Spring)

540 Digital Visualization and Methods (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 241 and 340, 341 or 344, senior status or MFA status, or permission of instructor

May be repeated for credit once, with permission of instructor.

Studio investigation of the ways that digital methods expand and change the visual vocabulary and methods. Emphasis on refining personal artistic vision and establishing connections between traditional and digital methods.

545 Interactive Web Design (3:2:3)

Pr. ART 241, 345, or permission of instructor

Development of Web graphics and interactive Web-based environments that demonstrate an understanding of navigation, usability, and functionality within a creative framework. (Fall)

550 Sculpture/Installation (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 355, 356, 481, or permission of instructor

Investigation of the sculptural possibilities of a space through art making, conceptual development, and personal research with a focus on contemporary and historical issues. (Occ)

557 Site-Specific Sculpture (3:1:6)

Pr. ART 355, or permission of instructor

May be repeated for credit.

Provides opportunity to make site-specific sculptures; process of making work in the public arena from initial conception, interaction with jury committee to completed sculpture. (Spring)

592 Professional Practices, Aesthetics, and Preparation for the Visual Artist (3:3)

Pr. graduate students: full time graduate status; undergraduates: completion of 50 s.h. toward studio major, or permission of instructor.

May be repeated once for credit.

Emerging artists participate in their community and acquire the skills of career professionals. Students will engage in critical dialog related to gallery lectures, exhibitions, and symposia, and prepare to exhibit, present, and document their studio work. (Fall & Spring)