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Lloyd International Honors College

205 Foust Building


Jerry Pubantz, Professor and Director of the College

Stacey Peebles, Assistant Director

Ryan Radford, Honors Advisor

Sarah A. Krive, Assistant Director

Lloyd International Honors College, a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, provides able and motivated undergraduate students with an enhanced and supportive intellectual and social experience that acculturates them to the life of the mind and helps them to become critical, independent thinkers who are active in the design and pursuit of their own education, and prepared to lead successful and fulfilling professional, civic, and personal lives. Through enhanced academic opportunities, the inclusion of international and global perspectives, a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and the camaraderie of top students and faculty, Lloyd International Honors College provides its students with opportunities and challenges that will benefit them for a lifetime. Along the way, Lloyd International Honors College staff stands ready to provide guidance, support, and encouragement to help students craft a program of study that meets their individual needs and interests, and opens up new possibilities for the future.

Admission to Lloyd International Honors College

Admission to Lloyd International Honors College is required to take Honors courses and to participate in many of the Lloyd International Honors College's activities. To apply for admission, students must submit a completed application form for the International Honors Program or the Disciplinary Honors Program. All application forms are available on the Lloyd International Honors College Web site. Minimum requirements to be considered for admission depend on the applicant's status at the time of application.

Incoming First-Year Students

Either a combined SAT math + critical reading score of 1200 (ACT composite score of 27), or a weighted high school GPA of 3.80. The SAT math, verbal, and writing test scores must all be submitted on the application. If the writing score is significantly lower than the verbal and math scores, the application runs the risk of being rejected. If the writing test score is especially high, the application may be accepted even if the high school weighted GPA and the combined math + verbal score is not quite at minimum levels.

Transfer Students

An aggregate GPA of 3.30 from all former institutions. Transcripts to verify the aggregate GPA should be submitted from all prior institutions attended.

Continuing UNCG Students

Continuing UNCG students must have at least a 3.30 GPA.

Lloyd International Honors College Petition Policy

Incoming first-year UNCG students who do not meet one of the specified criteria for admission to the Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) may petition the Director for admission. When the candidate makes a persuasive case that he or she is fully capable of succeeding in International Honors, the Director may admit the student. A student admitted through the petition process will be expected to meet all of the requirements for maintaining good standing in the International Honors Program, and is subject to the same rules as other Honors College students, including the conditions requiring suspension or removal from LIHC.


Lloyd International Honors College offers two enhanced academic programs—the International Honors Program and the Disciplinary Honors Program. Students interested in pursuing these programs must consult with an International Honors College advisor before enrolling in Honors courses.

The International Honors Program is designed to complement and enrich the University's General-Education Program for students in any major. Students who complete the International Honors Program replace regular general-education courses with Honors general-education courses, reach a basic level of language competency in a second language, and complete a semester of study abroad, thus providing themselves with a solid liberal education with international and global perspectives, that is a valuable foundation for study in any major and for life after graduation.

The Disciplinary Honors Program allows students in all majors to do Honors work in their majors or in upper-division interdisciplinary studies. Through Disciplinary Honors, students have the opportunity to study topics in depth and to do research under the supervision of a faculty member, thus giving themselves a competitive advantage when applying to graduate school or beginning a career.

Students who complete the International Honors Program and the Disciplinary Honors Program are recognized for their high achievement and awarded Full University Honors.


Honors courses are taught by faculty members who are among the best at UNCG, who are deeply engaged with their disciplines, and who are dedicated to helping students achieve their greatest potential. Honors courses are typically small (20–25 students) and foster discussion, collaboration, and mutual discovery among students and faculty. Typically, Honors courses fulfill a variety of University and departmental requirements.

There are several types of Honors courses:

  • Honors Seminars in which students explore interdisciplinary topics in greater breadth and/or depth than in typical courses while fulfilling General Education Core requirements;
  • Honors sections of regular UNCG courses that allow students to explore other topics or continue to do Honors work in their major;
  • Honors Tutorials and Honors Independent Study through which students either individually or in small groups work with a professor on a topic of mutual interest;
  • the Senior Honors Project in which a student, under the guidance of a professor, produces a research project.
  • Honors Contract courses that allow students to enhance a regular undergraduate course and receive Honors credit for that course. Note: Honors Contract courses can be used only to fulfill Disciplinary Honors Program requirements; they cannot be used to fulfill International Honors Program requirements.

The variety of Honors courses, and particularly the chance to customize one's curriculum through tutorials and independent studies, means that students have considerable control over their own education. Moreover, many of the advanced Honors courses, such as the Senior Honors Project, allow students to do original and sophisticated work, and are an excellent preparation for graduate school, professional training, and other post-graduation endeavors.

Honors Advising

Lloyd International Honors College staff offers top-rate group and individual advising to help students discover the best ways to take advantage of Honors at UNCG, and to make sure that students have the needed support and encouragement along the way to completing their degrees. A variety of informal information sessions and colloquia are also provided for students interested in talking about particular topics of interest such as study abroad, internships, or graduate school.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Student Involvement

Lloyd International Honors College sponsors a number of extracurricular events. Among these events are weekly coffees where students and faculty get together to discuss various issues, the annual Raft Debate, the annual Student Symposium, lectures and special performances, field trips, dinners with faculty, and community service projects.

Honors Abroad Experiences

In collaboration with UNCG's Office of International Programs, Lloyd International Honors College offers competitive Honors Abroad Experiences for Honors students interested in an honors-enhanced study abroad experience at select locations. To be considered, students must (1) submit an Honors Abroad application to Lloyd International Honors College and (2) be accepted for study abroad at an appropriate location by the Office of International Programs. Accepted students are given a grant to defray travel costs associated with studying abroad, and an all-expenses paid (except for food) week at a foreign location with a UNCG faculty member.

Students accepted into an Honors Abroad Experience enroll in HSS 310, a three-credit Honors course, in addition to whatever courses are taken at the foreign university. HSS 310 requires that students meet with a UNCG faculty member before traveling abroad to discuss readings about their trip and the character of the country they are about to visit. Students and the UNCG faculty member then spend approximately a week exploring and taking in cultural activities abroad before students go to their foreign university for the semester. During their semester, students take classes, travel, and engage in a variety of writing assignments that allow them to reflect on their experience. Finally, students gather for a colloquium upon returning to UNCG the following semester.


Lloyd International Honors College administers the prestigious Undergraduate Scholars Program, a merit scholarship program (see the Merit Awards Program for details). Membership in Lloyd International Honors College is not required to apply; however, all members of the Undergraduate Scholars Program are strongly encouraged to join Lloyd International Honors College.

Lloyd International Honors College also offers the Lichtin Family Honors Scholarship, a competitive merit award for a rising junior or senior Honors student who plans on continuing to participate in Honors.

For students interested in competing for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships, many of which provide support for graduate study both in the US and abroad, the Lloyd International Honors College provides in-depth advice and support. Students who wish to complete an application are given hands on coaching to assure that their application is of the highest quality. Among the scholarships and fellowships that students may compete for are the Fulbright, the Rhodes, the Marshall, the Goldwater, the Mellon, the Truman, and the Udall. Recent UNCG students have received awards for study in such diverse locations as Canada, Germany, Sri Lanka, Mali, and Trinidad.

Honors Awards

Lloyd International Honors College administers awards that recognize high achievement. At the Honors Convocation every spring, the College bestows the Student Excellence Award, the University's highest undergraduate honor, on outstanding seniors. The College also hosts an annual banquet to honor those students who have successfully completed one of Lloyd International Honors College's programs.