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Accelerated Masters Program for Undergraduates —B.S. in Accounting and M.S. in Accounting

The accelerated program in Accounting provides the opportunity for a student to complete a B.S. in Accounting (122 s.h.) within a four-year period and to shorten the time required to finish the Master of Science degree.

Interested students should:

  • Have Summer School credit or Advanced Placement credit in order to reduce the number of undergraduate hours necessary to be taken during the senior year. See Course Credit and Advanced Placement to see courses for which AP credit is available.
  • Identify themselves as potential accelerated candidates early in their academic careers in order to receive appropriate advising. Although formal admission to an accelerated program usually occurs in the junior year, careful selection of undergraduate courses beginning in the freshman year is essential. Interested students should talk with an advisor in the Department of Accounting as early as possible.
  • Earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 in accounting courses and 3.0 in the University.
  • Take ACC 318 and 319 or 325 by the end of their junior year.
  • Take the GMAT in the fall of the senior year.
  • Seek admission to The Graduate School in the fall of the senior year.

Requirements for Combined Accelerated
B.S. in Accounting/M.S. in Accounting

A. General Education Requirements

See complete GEC requirements and available AP credit

Special GEC requirements for this program:

Mathematics (GMT)—MAT 150 or 191

Reasoning and Discourse (GRD)
ENG 101 or FMS 103 or RCO 101, and CST 105

Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)—ECO 201, 202


B. Bryan School of Business & Economics Requirements

BUS 105A; ECO 250, 300; FIN 315, ISM 110, 280, 360;
MGT 309, 312, 331, 491; MKT 320; CST 105, and 9 s.h.
of a foreign language (see Bryan School for details)


C. Accounting Major Requirements

ACC 201, 202, 318, 319, 325, 330, 420, 450


D. Electives

Electives sufficient to complete 122 semester hours.


E. Requirements for M.S. in Accounting (30 semester hours)

21 s.h. of accounting (6 s.h. of accounting
may be taken at the 500 level but may be
applied toward either the B.S. or M.S. degree)

9 s.h. of graduate electives