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Disciplinary Honors in Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration supports and encourages students to participate in an appropriate Honors Program administered by the Lloyd International Honors College. The Lloyd College espouses that the students who complete the Disciplinary Honors program gain advanced understanding and skills in their major. Further, it is believed that participation in the Honors programs provides students with a competitive edge in applying to a graduate schools and those seeking employment will find that prospective employers view participation in Honors as a good proxy for workers who are capable, well-trained, eager to learn, and intellectually curious.

Ms. Eloise McCain Hassell is the Honors Adviser for the Department. If, after reading this section, you still have questions, please see Ms. Hassell, Room 373, Bryan.


The Honors student must take a total of 12 semester hours in some combination of the following:

  • Nine hours of Business Administration contract honors courses; HSS 310; departmental Honors Work in one of the independent study courses (BUS 493, MGT 493, or MKT 493). Instructions for establishing a contract honors course can be found this Web site:
  • Three semester hours in completing a Senior Honors Project. A departmental Honors Work course is preferred or HSS 490. The Senior Honors Project can be viewed as similar to a master’s-level research paper done in the student’s major/concentration. All Projects must be supervised by a faculty member of the Department and whose discipline is appropriate to the topic. Thus, the student must obtain the agreement of a departmental faculty member who has an interest in the research area of the proposed project. The step-by step-requirements can be found at this Web site:


  • A declared major in the Department of Business Administration.
  • A minimum grade of B in all course work applicable to Disciplinary Honors in Business Administration.
  • A minimum 3.30 overall GPA at graduation.


Students who complete the requirements for Disciplinary Honors in Business Administration receive a Certificate of Disciplinary Honors and have that honor, along with the title of their Senior Honors Project, noted on their official transcripts. In addition, students who complete an Honors Program are recognized at a banquet held at the end of the semester.

Honors Advisor

See Eloise McCain Hassell for further information and guidance about the program in Disciplinary Honors in Business Administration.