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Counseling and Educational Development Courses (CED)

Courses for Undergraduates

210 Career/Life Planning (3:3)

Introduction to career/life planning; knowledge of career development theories and decision-making theories; emphasis on collecting information related to the world of work and relating this information to the individual.

310 Helping Skills (3:3)

Pr. advanced undergraduates in appropriate major.

Skills useful for facilitating helping relationships. Practical model for counseling and learning about helping by practicing the helping skills.

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

506 Institutes in Education (1–3)

Students may apply no more than 3 s.h. of this course to any degree program.

Grade: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, S/U.

Practicum or workshop experiences to focus on issues, problems, or approaches in the profession.

574 Contemporary Topics in Counseling (3:3)

Pr. advanced undergraduates in appropriate major

May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

Designed to study issues, problems, and new approaches in helping relationships. Emphasis placed on current topic(s) of interest.

Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin
for additional graduate-level courses.