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Dance Courses (DCE)

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

505 Contemporary Dance: Aesthetic and Cultural Practice (3:3)

Pr. DCE 205 and 305; graduate students must have satisfied the dance history requirement for admission to a graduate dance program

Study of cultural issues and aesthetic priorities of dance in the late postmodern world, especially contemporary dance. Provides opportunities to present ideas about and debate issues concerning contemporary dance. All sections are taught as Speaking Intensive (SI). (Spring)

546 Perspectives on Dance Education (3:3)

Theoretical foundations in dance education and their implications for curriculum and teaching. (Fall) (Formerly DCE 446)

555 Technology in the Creation and Preservation of Dance Works (3:3)

Pr. DCE 355, or admission to graduate study in dance, or permission of the instructor

A study of software applications useful in the creation and/or preservation of dance works. Areas of study include soundscore creation, video editing, and graphics manipulation. (Fall)

557 Dance Pedagogy for Ages 5–18 (3:2:2)

For Dance and Dance Education majors only.

Consideration of methodological issues related to teaching dance in public school and community settings. (Spring) (Formerly DCE 457)

560 The Dancer’s Body (3:3)

Pr. two semesters of dance technique, and DCE 340 or equivalent, or permission of instructor

An introduction to the study of body theories and practices in dance. Topics include somatic theory and practice, and body issues related to dance performance, choreography, and pedagogy. (Every third summer)

581 Dance on Video (3:3)

Pr. DCE 555 or permission of instructor

Introduction to working with dance and video, including composing for the camera, recording dancers in action, and editing footage to create original work. (Spring) (Same as MST 581)

589 Experimental Course: Perspectives on Dance in North Carolina (3:3)

Pr. advanced undergraduates with permission of instructor

Students will engage with and contribute to a history of dance in North Carolina through research of existing literature and through original research. (Offered fall '08)


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