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Honors in Dance

Requirements (18 semester hours)

Six (6) semester hours of Honors General Education courses must be successfully completed before taking any Honors courses in Dance.

Six (6) semester hours of 400–500 level contract courses in Dance, selected from DCE 412, 414, 417, 424, 443, 453, 455, 456, 470, 487, 546, 555, 557, 560.

Six (6) semester hours consisting of DCE 493 and 505. DCE 505 must be taken as an Honors contract course. DCE 470 may be substituted for 493 with permission of the instructor, the student's academic advisor, the department Honors liaison, and the director of the Lloyd International Honors College.


  • A grade of at least B in all course work used to satisfy the Honors requirement in Dance
  • A declared Dance major and admission to the department through audition
  • At least a 3.30 overall GPA must be maintained from the time honors work is begun, continuing through to graduation


The designation “Completed Disciplinary Honors in Dance” and the title of the Senior Honors Project will be printed on the student’s official transcript.

Honors Advisor

Contact the Department of Dance main office or the undergraduate program coordinator for further information and guidance about Disciplinary Honors in Dance.