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Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations Courses (ELC)

Courses for Undergraduates

375 Philosophy of Education (3:3)

Philosophical questions related to education, such as what is education, how are the aims of education to be decided, and what is knowledge, pursued in conjunction with classic historic readings in the philosophies of education and knowledge as well as selected contemporary reading.

381 The Institution of Education (3:3)

Required of students seeking teacher licensure.

School as a social institution concerned with transmission of ideological, moral, and cultural values; social reproduction and change; and competing philosophical visions of education with particular focus on democratic citizenship.

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

506 Institutes in Education (1–3)

Students may apply no more than 3 s.h. of this course to any degree program.

Grade: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, S/U.

Practicum or workshop experiences to focus on issues, problems, or approaches in the profession.

581 Teaching in the Urban School (3:3)

Pr. admission to teacher education or permission of instructor

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for educators to examine research and literature related to the problems of teaching in the urban school.

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