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Geography Concentrations

Urban Planning Concentration

The inter-regional shift of people and jobs in the United States and elsewhere over the past decades coupled with the movement away from large central cities has increased the need for formal urban and regional planning. Planners are needed in the private sector as well as in state and local governments to provide the appropriate kinds of economic and community development that will ensure a high quality of life in both developed and developing countries. In a growth region like the Southeast, geographers with a planning background are in increasing demand.

In addition to the core courses in geography listed above, students choosing this concentration are required to take:

  1. GEO 105, 301, 306
  2. Five courses from the following: GEO 302, 303, 304, 320, 322, 344, 357, 502, 522, 533

Earth Science/Environmental Studies Concentration

A central theme of geography is human interaction with the earth’s physical environment. This concentration permits students to apply the basic scientific principles of physical geography, cartography, and natural resource analysis to the problem of ensuring a high quality of life through maintenance of the natural processes that support human existence. This concentration also provides training to enhance the employment opportunities of students with a strong interest in environmental assessment and resource evaluation.

In addition to the core courses in geography listed above, students choosing this concentration must take:

  1. GEO 311, 311L, 314, 314L
  2. Minimum of five courses selected from the following: GEO 205, 305, 312, 330, 357, 359, 510, 511, 557, 559, 570

Geographic Information Science Concentration

Students with this concentration will develop skills in using maps, geospatial computer programs, and remotely sensed images to answer geographic questions relevant to land use planning, urban development, geomorphic or biogeographic processes, or environmental impact assessment. A capstone course (GEO 423), which includes a faculty-directed major project is completed in the final semester.

In addition to completing the core courses for geography majors listed above, students in this concentration are required to complete:

  1. GEO 121, 357, and 359
  2. A minimum of one of the following: GEO 523, 557, 559
  3. GEO 421, after completion of 1 and 2.