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Japanese Courses (JNS)

GE Core denotes General Education Core credit;
GE Marker
denotes General Education Marker credit;
CAR denotes College Additional Requirement credit.

Courses for Undergraduates

101, 102 Elementary Japanese (3:3), (3:3)

GE Marker: GN

Introduction to communicative Japanese and its writing systems: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji. Students study fundamental words, phrases and expressions, and are introduced to basic grammar.

203, 204 Intermediate Japanese (3:3), (3:3)

GE Marker: GN


Proficiency level: JNS 101, 102

Focus on four language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing), and vocabulary building. Acquisition of Kanji characters. Verb conjugations and tenses. Simple texts from Japanese literature.

220 Modern Japan (3:3)

GE Marker: GN

Taught in English.

Introduction to Japanese culture and society. Emphasis on selected periods, themes or topics such as modern media, folklore, mythology, memoirs, women’s lives, cultural movements.

230 Women in Japanese Literature and Film (3:3)

Course aims to improve student familiarity with Japanese civilization, literature, culture, and society, including gender, film, and minority perspectives. Taught in English.

301 Advanced Grammar and Conversation (3:3)

GE Marker: GN

Pr. JNS 204 or equivalent

Third-year Japanese language course to improve linguistic proficiencies, including the Kanji writing system. Taught in Japanese. (Alt)

305 Topics in Japanese Culture (3:3)

GE Marker: GN

May be repeated for credit when topic varies.

Proficiency level, when taught in Japanese: JNS 204

Focus on Japanese civilization to improve linguistic and/or cultural proficiency. Taught in either English or Japanese.

Please refer to the International Studies Program in this Bulletin for more information on the Asian Studies minor .