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Grogan College

Office: 113 Grogan Hall


John Sopper, Director, Department of Religious Studies

Love Crossling, Coordinator of Residential Learning

Faculty Fellows

Joi Bulls, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Stephanie Kurtts, School of Education

Larry Lavender, Department of Dance

Matthew Libera, School of Music

Jonathan Salter, School of Music

Deborah Stanford, School of Nursing

Ramesh Upadhyaya, School of Nursing

Joseph R. Erba, Bryan School of Business and Economics

Misti Williams, School of Education

Frank Woods, African American Studies Program

Ione Grogan College is one of three residential colleges at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Grogan College and Grogan Residence Hall are named after Ione Grogan, an alumna of UNCG who returned to the University to teach mathematics and serve as a dormitory counselor. Grogan College, which was established in 1997, is limited to freshmen; it serves 200 students each year.

Grogan College is designed to enhance students’ academic success and satisfaction with their college experience by providing a supportive community of students and faculty with common interests. Grogan College is divided into approximately fifteen Learning Communities (LCs), each focused on a specific theme and headed by a Faculty Fellow. Some of the LCs are designed for students who have already selected a major; others are for students from any major who share an interest in the topic. The approximately 22 students in each LC take several courses together in the fall and spring semesters of their freshmen year. The Faculty Fellow teaches one of the courses, serves as a mentor to students, and meets with them for extracurricular activities. The Director works with all Faculty Fellows and students to provide program-wide activities and opportunities for leadership and service.

Grogan College is a University-wide program. Faculty Fellows represent the College of Arts and Sciences and all six professional Schools. The Division of Student Affairs is a joint sponsor of the program, and Residence Life staff make an important contribution to the residence hall community. Enrollment Services provides scheduling and course registration support.

Grogan Residence Hall is an eight-story high-rise with air-conditioning and a co-ed residency. Internet and e-mail access is available in each room by a personal modem. A computer room, classroom/study area is located on the first floor, and study rooms are available on each floor. A kitchen and dining area on the ground floor opens to a covered patio and offers space for parties and picnics to Grogan College students.